December 5, 2020

I Bought A House!

I'm so excited to share this news with y'all today! I can't wait for you to follow along as I decorate and make it my own! Read on for more details about the house and how I named her!

The last thing I expected to happen in 2020 was to purchase my first house. This year has undoubtedly sucked, right? We can all agree on that. So, I never anticipated that I would be experiencing one of the most exciting events of my life. 

Let me begin by saying - this was not planned. I was not house hunting and didn't have this on my radar at all. I loved the cottage that I was currently renting and was perfectly satisfied. But isn't that usually how all the greatest things happen? Unexpectedly and without warning? I have loved this house since I took my current counseling job 8 years ago. I would drive past it every day (at the time it wasn't painted on the outside), and I would think "gosh, that house has so much character!" At that time, it definitely needed some love, but I could see the potential. 

This past summer I noticed that the house had been purchased and renovations were happening. Then, one day I saw that the current owners had painted the outside this gorgeous cream, and I fell in love all over again. What a freaking GEM! I couldn't get over the difference that just a little bit of TLC had made. She was dang near perfect.

Fast forward from summer to fall. It was early October, the leaves were changing and some changes had just happened in my life. Things were. . .emotional and I was unsettled. I had a friend contact me about a cute (different) house in her neighborhood that had just went on the market. I looked it up just because I'm a house junkie. I browsed for a minute then saw that this gem was on the market. I paused, and my wheels started turning. Did I want to go look at this house? Did I want to BUY this house? Timing is everything, and it's usually never our own.

I've always known any house that I owned would have personality and charm. I've never had an interest in a house that was "finished" and certainly not one recently built. After I did the first walk-through with my realtor (who is also my mom's best friend), I knew this house was mine. Everything started falling into place. I met the seller early in the process (which is unconventional, I know) and knew we were going to be friends. We just texted this week about our Christmas trees and getting settled into our new (old) homes. He and his partner found their dream home shortly after flipping this one. The timing was right for everyone involved, and in less than a month the house was mine. It happened unexpectedly and fast and that's just how I like celebratory moments to unfold.

My friend, Lori, came up with the name - Dollyhood. It's a play on Dolly Parton's theme park, Dollywood, and pays tribute to one of the greatest women, icons, philanthropists, and all-around bad bitches in history. There is no celebrity I love more.


So friends, welcome to Dollyhood! She's a bungalow, built in 1954 with the cutest detached garage added by the owners in 1983. Y'all, the damn thing has a copper whale weather vane on top. Inside, there's a brick arch over the stove range, a fireplace that I painted white, a staircase that leads up to the master bedroom, and a Dutch door in the kitchen. There's lots of pink and gold and quirky little bits that have made her come to life. There's history here and the energy inside is so welcoming. There's new and old - from a gold slim bookcase in the living room to my mamaw's bed in the guestroom. The house is decorated with flea market and antique store treasures, but also has a new gold faucet in the bathroom that I ordered from Amazon. I can't wait to share photos of the inside - she's truly spectacular just like her namesake. Dollyhood, you're my 2020 silver lining.

And like a true millenial, I've given the house her own hashtag #dollyhood1954 - follow along as I share updates on instagram!


the cape on the corner said...

Oh my gosh she is adorable. Cant wait to see the inside.

Diane said...

So happy for you. I love an old house- they feel alive to me. Can’t wait for the online tour & an in-person one someday 🤞🏾. I miss your face!

Diane said...

So happy for you. I love an old house- they feel alive to me. Can’t wait for the online tour & an in-person one someday 🤞🏾. I miss your face!