December 16, 2020

I Love These Ornaments!

These are the most unique ornaments! I hope you love them as much as I do!


I love when I find things that I can't wait to share! These ornaments from Silk Road Bazaar Shop are my latest treasure. As you can imagine, I've already ordered the Dolly Parton one, but I have plans to order a couple others - I just have to decide which ones! There is something so special and nostalgic about collecting Christmas ornaments. Every year when I pull them out I "oh and ah" like I'm seeing them for the first time. I love the story that they tell and the memories they bring back. I've purchased quite a few new ornaments for my tree this year since it was my first holiday in my new house. As my instagram friend, Melissa, says, my 2020 Pledge Class is really special! That's her chosen phrase for her new ornaments - and as a holiday enthusiast, I trust her completely.

Do you get as excited about new ornaments as I do?

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