September 20, 2020

Currently Crushing: Amazon Favorites


Hi, friends! It's been so long since I updated here! I hope you've been following along on instagram. We went back to school last month - all virtual - and it's been quite an adjustment at work. Hence, the reason I missed all of August posting anything here! I've been sharing a little more about my day job on social media, as this new normal has really pushed me to get creative and step out of my comfort zone. It's been a welcome change and really exciting, actually! I have no formal training in graphic design but I've been editing websites and creating newsletters - I feel like my day job is finally feeding my creative side, and I'm super thankful for that! I wanted to pop on today and share a few things I've been eyeing on Amazon lately - a few of these have already made it into my cart. I'm definitely snatching up that Hello Kitty tee for Halloween, and I've been debating on those cream mules for months - they also come in pink! I try to share everything that I can link over on my LTK if you ever want to get to something quickly.

Happy weekend, friends! It definitely feels like fall here!



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