August 15, 2016

Welcome Back. Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out.

If you know the title reference, cool points for you! Hi, friends! I really am back! Early June is the last time I checked in here, and I must say I realize even more now how much I needed this break. As with anything in life, you know that expression "You'll know when the time is right?" That's literally what happened this past Saturday. I woke up and suddenly felt a great burst of energy and inspiration, and I knew it was time to come back.

Many of you follow me on instagram so you've already noticed the subtle shift in perspective and approach - lots of you have actually commented on it. One reader referred to it as "raw" and that hit me deep and made me feel really good. I'm just not going to be a blogger who can come at this from a "business" mindset anymore. This blog is more than that, I'm more than that, and I'm at peace with making my content reflect that.

So, what's happened in the last couple of months you ask? Well, my best friend, Lori, and I took a day trip to Asheville and a weekend trip to Nashville. My mom and I spent a week at Myrtle Beach. I pursued every opportunity to hear some great live music. I perfected my freckle game. I wore jumpsuits. I realized baseball hats are cute. I overused the dog filter on snapchat. And I fell back in love with where I come from, calling Appalachia home, and finding happiness in the simple things.

(the cutest downtown you've ever seen!)

The last few months have been trying, as well. I continually find myself trying to be in control instead of giving everything to God. And he continues to show me why he calls the shots. Life has handed me some interesting experiences - both happy and sad. And I've had to constantly remind myself that everything is in His time, in His plan, and His way. Then breathe.

I'm sort of looking at getting back into blogging this time around as Julie Leah 2.0. Some of the same things that you know and love, but definitely a different, more homegrown approach. I want to do more travel posts and showcase some of the things that make where I've grown up so unique and wonderful. I'm also working on a new blog design that will hopefully (fingers crossed!) reflect a freshness and new outlook.

I'm so happy to be back with y'all. I hope you're as happy as I am! Happy Monday, friends!


Unknown said...

I love this! I also started after a (really long) blog break and it was the best thing I ever did. It feels fresh and fun again :)

Diane said...

Yay!! So happy to read this blog post and thrilled to keep checking back for more!!

Juanita said...

Julie, Glad to see you back and looking great! Summer is such a good time to explore all things. Juanita

Unknown said...

So happy to know that I'll be starting my days again reading your interesting posts. Welcome back.

Unknown said...

Welcome back! Happy looks good n you :)

Unknown said...

Glad to see you back!
Kayla of The Little Lady

the cape on the corner said...

glad to see a post from you. it's the whole "blogging as a business" thing that has really made me feel uninspired by blogging, and blogs i read. today i unfollwed one that, in the last two weeks, had only 2 unsponsored, random posts. i just can't with all that. where's the real, where's the sharing b/c they did or found something totally awesome, not b/c if you click this link they'll get money, or tagged in a million hashtags. too many blogs seem inauthentic, and it has made me lose my mojo and interest. i can't wait to see what your new blog and your new passion for your hometown looks like.

sarahlindsey said...

Where did you get your jumpsuit it's SO CUTE!