June 8, 2016

A Life Update + A New Perspective

Hi, friends. Long time, no see. I've sat down to write this post several times, but couldn't really figure out where to start. So, I decided to just start typing. . .

I guess my plans for being back to regular blogging weren't really in the cards over the last few of months. I know I mentioned in a couple of previous posts (here and here) that I was getting back into a regular routine, but that just didn't happen. And to be completely honest, I've needed this time to refocus my energy and devote time to the real-life relationships that I value. Not that this blog doesn't mean the world to me, but more and more I've been learning what it means to actually be in the moment, and not just documenting the moment. I realized that I was losing sight of what truly matters to me and, unfortunately, I found myself incredibly unhappy. And for the longest time it was something that I just couldn't put my finger on. Then I realized that it had nothing to do with the things or the people around me, but it had everything to do with me. God has been moving in my heart a lot lately and for the first time in my life, I'm truly listening to him. There's a reason I am where I am. There's a reason I've grown close to people in the last few months. There's a reason I've reconnected with people from my past. If you listen, God is speaking to you. You just have to be open to what He's telling you.

I'm excited to get back into blogging and sharing my life with you all. If you follow on instagram or snap chat (julie-leah), then you know that I've been much more personal with what I've been sharing lately (lots of soccer games, pictures with my kids, and personal moments that I've wanted to give you a glimpse of). Those moments are who I am. And while some people have lost interest and no longer follow, I'm becoming comfortable in the fact that that's ok. Where I am right now is a happy place for me. I'm content and I'm calm.

I'm going to continue to share outfits and things I love here on the blog, but you may see more personal posts from time to time. I've also accepted the fact that at this point, I can't be a "post every day" blogger. And that's ok, too. Life is truly not lived like a perfectly staged, instagram-filtered photo, and I want to embrace that. It's ok for things to be messy every now and then.

Sending you lots of love and thanks wherever you are! xo, Julie

Outfit details: Dress, Free People // Jeggings, Old Navy // Espadrille flats, Coach // Bag, Old Navy

Outfit details: Dress, Riffraff // Flats, Halogen at Nordstrom // Bag, Old Navy // Tassels, Lisi Lerch

The sweetest little face ever.

Outfit details: Dress, Target // Cardigan, Target // Bag, Coach // Necklace, Julie Vos

Urban Outfitters moment on a recent trip to Asheville.

Outfit details: Dress, Target // Cardigan, Target // Espadrille flats, Coach // Bag, Coach // Necklace, Julie Vos

Graduation party flowers.

Outfit details: Tunic, Karen Kane // Vest, Forever 21 // Sneakers, Converse // Bag, Old Navy
Jewelry, Kendra Scott

Daily reminder.

Outfit details: Jumpsuit, Lilly for Target // Sandals, Jack Rogers // Jewelry, Kendra Scott


Girl Meets Bow said...

Happy happy happy you are back!! I've missed you friend but am loving your personal life updates on Insta :) You are 100% right that living in the moment is so much better than just taking a picture of it! XO

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update. You are my favorite blogger and I have missed you. Your posts have always been very real:)

Unknown said...

Thank you. I was missing your posts. By far, my favorite blogger :)