August 16, 2016

Monthly Muse: AUGUST

I've always been inspired by bohemian style and the free-spirited vibe that it evokes. It almost makes you jealous that you don't live in a Free People ad. Lately, my simple inspiration has gone to complete obsession, and I've been pinning and buying everything I lay my eyes on (only a slight exaggeration). I changed my facebook profile picture over the weekend. In the photo, the outfit I'm wearing is one that felt very natural to me. But to be honest, it's also an outfit that you might see at a county fair or rodeo. One of my mom's friends commented "I must say. . .this is your style." And it definitely is. Isn't it funny, that at almost thirty I'm still finding myself and learning new things every day? I'm not sure that you ever stop growing into yourself. . .

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