June 16, 2010

Julie's Wedding: A Guest Post from ABC!

No, no, no, Julie's not engaged. Calm down for a hot second!

OK, now that you've caught your breath, let me start by introducing myself, then I'll explain what the heck that title means. I'm Ashley, perhaps better known as ABC, and I make my regular bloggy home over at The Start of the Alphabet. (My initials are ABC, hence the nickname and the blog name!) Julie and I are bff in person--we were sorority sisters in college, and are soul sisters at heart. Let's go old school for a minute:

{Oh yeah, I'm rocking braces as a 21-year-old senior in college (another story for another day, ugh!) and Julie has some SERIOUSLY big hair. How did she do that? I'd be able to ride all the roller coasters at Six Flags with hair like that! Also, this was on letter-swap day, so we're wearing our brothers' letters, not ours. Just FYI.}

Anyway, that's who I am. Remember that part about soul sisters? Well, one of the things we have in common is our love for all things wedding! Remember when Julie posted this gem last month? Well, when she asked me to guest post for her while she's got her toes in the sand, I thought I'd do something a little different...If Julie were to one day lose her mind and decide she didn't want to plan her wedding...and she handed the reigns over to me...this is what I'd do!

Julie has already told us she loves this dress. 

Next, I'd dress her maids in various short dresses from David's Bridal, all in Marine. They'd rock bright pink peep-toe shoes, too.

Her invitations would be custom-designed, and would be monogrammed and polka-dotted. Use your imagination with me on this one. Picture an invitation similar to this one, but on bright white linen cardstock, with navy lettering, backed with pink polka-dotted paper, and tied at the top with a pink grosgrain ribbon. (I said they'd be custom!)

Her bouquet would be soft and feminine, flowing with gorgeous pink flowers (with maybe some white thrown in for good measure), and of course tied with that fabulous monogrammed ribbon she posted about earlier. (Again, work with me here, in real life the colors would all match.)

Her ceremony would either be beachside (Carolina Coast? Bahamas? You name it!), or lakeside in the hills of Southwest Virginia. Both of these locales just scream "JULIE!" to me, so I could see her radiant and glowing either place.

Either way, there would be dancing at the reception, and of course, dancing shoes.

As for the cake? Here's what I'm thinking: Something polka-dotted and monogrammed, and of course in her navy and pink color scheme. Topped with some super cute owls.

We'd further incorporate owls by figuring out some way to use this Cricut Cartridge. Seating assignments? Buffet labels? Owl-shaped programs? We'd find something that would work!

So, there you have it...a glimpse into what I'd plan for our beautiful Julie, if she goes off the deep-end and decides she wants me to plan the WHOLE thing for her. I'm not holding my breath for that day, and I promise, Julie, I won't go "friend of the bride"-zilla on you and take over your wedding!

So, what you add or take away? If you could plan a wedding from beginning to end for one of your friends, who would you choose?



Morgan said...

Such a fun post! You can tell how close you two are. And love the dancing shoes! :)

Kelly said...

That's so beautiful - and it's nice to have someone that you are close to like that. I miss those days!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

LOVE this post!

meredith said...

love all of this!!!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Cute post! I think its so her! I love the owls, awww!

Julie Leah said...

Ashley, you rock my world! You know that you will be planning every inch of my wedding :) Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I love navy and pink together. Those flowers are gorgeous.