June 15, 2010

Let's Reflect, Shall We? Guest Post by Summer B!

Morning, Ya'll!

We all know that the lovely Ms. Julie is off maxin' and relaxin' while most of us are in our little cubicles waiting for 5 PM to get here. I am in no way jealous of our pretty lady. I just miss her. Julie has become a fast and furious friend of mine. Although I am about 10 years her junior senior, we still click as if we are the same age and have known one another all of our lives. She has been there for me since Day 1 of finding my blog and I try to do the same for her. All I know is that I am the lucky one. X's & O's to you, Julie Bobulie!

Oh! Who am I? I am Summer from well, which blog should I mention? I have my main one - B is for Brown and then my making/adopting a baby blog , the HofDs and then my cakes. Take your pick!

So, I have been racking my brain about what to write. Do I make Julie's followers think? Sure, why not? It won't be deep or anything, mostly entertaining. We need something light and airy today. Which is exactly what my mind is like sometimes. HA!

I started to think about random encounters that affect me in some way or another. I wrote this post on my blog awhile back. Please read and then I will get to my point, after you are finished. How does that sound? Good? GREAT!

i never go to starbucks. never.
i met mcw and landlocked there but i am not a regular like bonnie and becky. ;)
this am, after i was done with my appt., i decided i needed a little reward. i needed a grande iced chai tea. delish.

i was walking in and a gentleman with a cowboy hat opened the door for me. i thanked him. he then let me go in front of him in line.


then he struck up a convo and here is it...

starbucks man: i love the saints too. ok, he sees the "i'm a SAINTS FAN-atic" Garfield pin on my bag.
summer girl: oh yeah? are you from louisiana?
starbucks man: nope, texas. houston.

summer girl: oh yeah, i know houston well.

starbucks man: i am really good friends with sean peyton (NoLa Saints head coach)

summer girl: wow. he is a great guy, i hear.

starbucks man: he let us get married on his estate...blah. blah. blah. see my ring? (shows me his wedding band and the fleur de lis in the middle)

summer girl: (i show him my fleur tat, he says, you are a bigger fan than me, then) nice. i got married in NoLa too. the Elms Mansion. you live here in nyc?

starbucks man: no, here for business.

summer girl to the starbucks lady: thank you.

starbucks man: oh, do you want a holder so you don't burn your hand?

summer girl: no thank you. this is an ICED chai tea.

starbucks man: let me get the door for you. so, i just came from the Martha Stewart show.
she is great.

summer girl: oh yeah? everyone wants to be martha. my old pr firm worked her jail dealio.

starbucks man: oh yeah? what is your name?

summer girl: oh, sorry. summer.

starbucks man: i am clay. clay walker. pause. nice to meet you. which way are you going?

summer girl: this way. nice to meet you. have a good one. geaux saints!

so, people - this man is a famous country music star and i had no flippin clue. none.at.all. i feel bad now bc i kinda thought (for a sec) that he was a big deal with the cowboy hat and private car waiting and business at Martha Stewart but...i was not going to entertain the convo anymore bc i needed to be on my way.

so... i got to meet clay walker -- for all of you country music fans out there. nice guy.


Done? Good.

I am Southern (like our Julie), but much further down, closer to the gulf. You know, where all the oil is? Yea, I am from Louisiana. That being said I should have known this guy was somebody. My excuse why I did not? I live in NYC and I don't have a car so I cannot flip through the stations and listen to country or rock in roll. So, I kinda miss out on a lot of new and old music. And...I may not be THAT much into the country scene. I know. I know. I am sorry.

This made me realize something. Living in such a big city, I have had a lot of random things happen. Some I would like to forget and some I will always remember. But what I need to do is take out my earbuds and listen a little more bc maybe it could be the sign I am waiting for. You know? There really is so much beauty around us. I need to stop and smell the flowers instead of stepping on them.

Belles: tell me a random run-in or thing that has happened to you that you will never forget.
Good or Bad? You decide.

I cannot wait to read your comments.

Thanks for having me,
Summer B.



I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh my goodness...I wouldn't have known him either. But, he sounds like a nice guy, and it was probably refreshing for him not to have someone falling all over him!

I wonder if he ever reads blogs?

I hopped over to the other blogs that you suggested too. Fun! I will certainly revisit them.
Have a good and happy day,

Aly @ Analyze This said...

How exciting!

When I was in NYC a few summers ago (returning in a few weeks, in fact) I ran into Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Prada store in SoHo! She was so sweet and asked for my opinion on a handbag she was getting....I about squealed when I figured out who she was (initially, I thought she was an everyday lady)....She asked Me...of alllll people. Me!

I hope I meet another random celeb when I am there!! :)

Cute post, Summer! Loooved it!!

ABC said...

Oh Summer, what a fun post! I don't know that I've ever had any celebrity run-ins...though some of the kids from the youth group I volunteer with at my church saw Taylor Swift at Greene Hills Mall in Nashville. Does that count? Encounter by association??

Rhianna said...

I once got to meet Kirk Cameron. At first, I thought it was just a man that looked like him and not actually him.

So jealous of Aly, up there, meeting CZJ. I would have probably fainted.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I use to LOVE Clay Walker. He was one of my favorite singers back when I was in elementary school.

Kerr said...

Sandra Bullock in a DIVE pizza place in Charleston.

Shelley said...

Well, one time about 5 years ago I went with my dad to fill his car up with gas and a lady came up to him asking him to help her fill her car up. She couldn't figure out the atm thing so he helped her. I was glaring at her from the passenger seat saying "get away from my dad" under my breath. She had bib boobs and blonde hair. My dad got in the car and when we drove away he said, "I'm pretty sure that was Pamela Anderson." Haha!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

CLAY WALKER!?!!?!?!? OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! Major HOTNESS! Well at least he used to be. Is he still good looking??? I used to have the biggest crush on him, swoon, swoon, swoon.

Hmmm...something I will never forget....here's a funny one for you. I was working in Marc by Marc Jacobs showroom when the brand first launched back in '99/'00, and part of my job was to take calls from PR agencies looking for clothes to dress celebs in. Every once in a while I'd get to deliver the clothes/accessories to the celeb's hotel suites (occasionally catch a glimpse of them!) and once I got to meet Gwyneth Paltrow. She was really sweet and SO TINY! Very tall too, I felt like such a shrimp next to her!

Fun post Miss Summer! xox

Blicious said...

that shirt is hilarious!


Unknown said...

summer i totally thought he was going to be hitting on you in the end! you lucky girl you! i am a huge clay walker fan, although i wouldnt recognize him by face. only if he started singing to you in the middle of sbux. how frickin awesome would that have been?!

Claire Kiefer said...

Very sweet post. I've run into a few celebs (Macaulay Culkin, Mel B, Sarah Maclachlan, and I'm *pretty* sure Lindsay Lohan in a Santa Monica grocery store), but haven't stopped to talk to any of them (except Sarah Maclachlan, who was adorable and so sweet) . . . however, this post does make me think about the significance that random people can have on you after chance encounters. :)

Trac~ said...

Awww.. thanks for the new link to a new blog for me to check out - you know we southerners have to stick together! LOL I remember your post about Clay Walker. I actually just saw him in the City again this past week (last Thursday to be exact) and I took pictures of him with my phone and posted them on Facebook! Love you my friend! xoxoxo

Venassa said...

I'm glad to hear he's a nice guy, I had him pegged as the nice guy type :P

It's so tiny where I live that you rare you see any kind of celebrities. But Regis and Kelly are coming this summer!