February 20, 2013

Currently Crushing: Tortoise Links

(BaubleBar Tortoise Chunk Collar)

A lovely email popped up in my inbox Monday from BaubleBar about their new tortoise pieces. By the time I got home that evening and was able to click over and browse, nearly all the pieces were already sold out! Seriously, you people love some tortoise, right?! One of my favorites was the gorgeous statement necklace above - look at those chunky links! Yep, major jewelry crush.


domestikatedlife.com said...

I love this -- tortoise shell is a classic! (ps: been loving your posts lately!)

Lindsay said...

I think you already know I'm obsessed with tortoiseshell! Would love to add one more piece to my collection. xx

Pink Champagne said...

Oh how I adore a good tortoiseshell! XX

Nicole G said...

Oh - a girl after my own heart. I do love this too! It's funny - my style has evolved so much over the years; there was a time I would have not touched this pattern, but I mean look at the photo above. The model looks stunning.



Suzanne S. said...

love the necklace! It's so sophisticated and classic.


Mostly Style said...

Ooooh! I love the tortoise links! Maj grabby hands!