August 23, 2016

My Style: Navy & Pink Paisley Swing Dress

Julie Leah: Navy Swing Dress

I mentioned in this post that it was so important to me, this time around with the blog, to really focus on what makes this part of Virginia that I call home so great. Well, these pictures are a perfect place for me to start telling that story. This farm is right down the road from my house - I pass it every day going to and coming from work. It's beautiful. There's a big farm house (the owners') that sits on the opposite side of the road. When my dad and I were out taking these pictures last week the owner actually came to the edge of the property and asked if we wanted her to take a picture for us - that's the place that I call home. I explained what we were doing and thanked her for letting us set up shop for a few minutes on her land.

As you scroll through these pictures, there are a couple that I'm clearly laughing. This horse, y'all, was the sweetest creature ever. I didn't grow up around horses, and I asked my dad if all horses are that friendly - he assured me, no. This one came over while we were taking pictures, put it's head over the fence and nuzzled my back at one point. I was able to pet it and love on it almost the whole time we took these. My crazy cat lady tendency actually extends to all animals....

Julie Leah: Navy Swing Dress

Julie Leah: Boho Style Inspiration

Julie Leah: Navy Swing Dress with Boots

Julie Leah: Navy Swing Dress with Boots

Julie Leah: Lisi Lerch Gold Disk Earrings

Julie Leah: Navy Swing Dress with Boots

Julie Leah: Navy Swing Dress with Boots

Dress, BOUTIQUE FIND -- Cardigan, TARGET (the best wear-with-everything cardigan ever!)
Hat, OLD NAVY -- Boots, OLD NAVY -- Gold disk earrings, LISI LERCH
Gold bangle set, KENDRA SCOTT -- Stone bangle, BOURBON and BOWETIES

August 22, 2016

Currently Crushing

Currently Crushing

1. State necklace, DOGEARED -- 2. Horseshoe ring, DOGEARED -- 3. Unicorn ring, DOGEARED
4. Light pink tassels, LISI LERCH -- 5. Bull & floral tunic, MUMU 
6. #Appalachia tee, HASHTAG APPALACHIA
7. Lace up flats, HALOGEN -- 8. Lauren sandals, JACK ROGERS
9. Tote, BARRINGTON -- 10. Squash blossom necklace, ETSY


Happy Monday, friends! When I sat down to brainstorm ideas for today's post, I immediately thought about all the neat pieces that I've been bookmarking and saving that I need want to add to my collection of pretty things. Like a squash blossom necklace - that one is topping my list right now. Do y'all know how much authentic squash blossoms cost, though?! For now, I'm just gonna have to settle for a really good replica. And can we also discuss for just a minute why Mumu has to be so dang expensive?! I literally want every. single. thing. But especially some of the pieces from the latest collection (all the heart eyes).

If y'all follow on snapchat (julie-leah) then you saw some clips of the awesome Saturday night I had. I can't wait to share more with you this week! Here's a snap from instagram to hold you over! I'm heading to the fair tonight to see Dan & Shay (also, all the heart eyes!) so expect that to be included in a recap this week, too. 

And thank you a million for the sweetest ever response to my blogging return last week. My heart is full and happy. You guys are just the best.

xo, Julie

August 19, 2016

My Style: Pink & Green Palm Print Jumpsuit

old navy palm print jumpsuit

Happy Friday, y'all! Let me start by saying this weekend is much needed. This coming from someone who works in a high school and has just finished her first full week of school. I'm worn out, y'all. Worn slap out. I'm looking forward to spending time relaxing this weekend, going to see one of my favorite bands play tomorrow night, and going to church on Sunday. I don't think I have the energy for much of anything else! Well, maybe Cracker Barrel pancakes. I could probably find the energy for that. . .

The outfit I'm wearing in today's post is one you may recognize from my vacation pictures on instagram. Y'all love a palm print jumpsuit, so I thought this was the perfect look to share for my first new outfit post few months! I took these photos in downtown at this adorable new shop called T Tilley. I can't wait to visit again and share it with you all!

palm print jumpsuit

old navy jumpsuit

vera bradley bucket bag

pink and green palm print jumpsuit

boho jewelry

boho style inspiration

t tilley gallery and garden abingdon va

jack rogers lauren sandals

pink and green palm print jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, OLD NAVY -- Cardigan, TARGET -- Bag, VERA BRADLEY -- Sandals, JACK ROGERS
Gold bangles, KENDRA SCOTT -- Initial bangle, BOURBON & BOWETIES
Horn necklace, VERSONA (so pretty in person!) 
My mom found the crescent necklace for me at the Atlanta Market