November 2, 2009

Love it!

Good evening, fellow bloggers! Today was definitely Monday, but I wore my leopard-print ballet flats and that made it much more fabulous! As, I was thinking about my 'item of the week,' I just wasn't having any inspiration. So, I decided to get on foodnetwork's website and browse for cocktails ;) And there it was. The most perfect, delicious, indulgence you could ever imagine! Send your "thank yous" to Ms. Rachael Ray!

Frozen Peach Champagne Cocktail 

 1/4 cup sugar, to rim glasses
1 pint peach sorbet
2 shots Triple Sec, Grand Marnier or Cointreau
Chilled champagne or sparkling wine, to fill blender, 1/3 bottle
Raspberries and 4 springs mint, optional garnish 

Place a shallow bowl of water along side a shallow bowl with 1/4 cup sugar in it.
Dip 4 cocktail glasses in water, then sugar to rim glass.
Place 4 scoops peach sorbet in blender. 
Add 2 shots orange liqueur.
Fill blender with Champagne to maximum fill line or up to 1-inch from top of blending pitcher. 
Blend until smooth and pour into cocktail glasses, keeping an eye out not to wreck the pretty sugar rims. 
Garnish with a few raspberries and a sprig of mint and serve. 
(Recipe and photo courtesy Foodnetwork website)

Is that not the most amazing cocktail recipe?! In the words of Racheal Ray, "Yummo!"




Loving life in Southern California! said...

ooooo! I like this recipe! Great post! You'll have to check out my blog - I do a "Wednesday Weekend Warm Up" featuring a new cocktail recipe every week ;) Cute blog - following you now!

Brunch at Saks said...

Yum! Sounds delicious! I may have to try this for Holiday company coming up! XOXO

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