November 2, 2009

I'm thankful for.....

My new kitchen decorations! I hit up Decorator's Warehouse, Ross and TJ Maxx and found all kinds of lovely things for my big-girl kitchen!

Placemats for my bar.

"Will cook for shoes" picture
that sits atop my refrigerator!

The beautiful picture that
hangs over my sink. 
It coordinates with the 
one in the living room.

I got these wine canvas prints 
on sale for $2 at Decorator's

I just love this little guy
with the martini! On sale for
$2 at TJ Maxx!

I'm so thankful for all the great deals that I got today on my new kitchen decor! Hope you're feeling blessed!



Lauren Lee said...

Way cute, I love decorating, LOVE the blog


Unknown said...

What great finds! I love TJ Max and often find myself in there, wondering how it happened. I think my body just migrates there by default. Found your blog from HSC. Its adorable, I love the background from ShabbyBlogs, I might have to check out their site to add some spice to my blog!

The Tuscan Home said...


I love your words of wisdom---fantastic! Wow, you found some great finds. I like it all, but my two favorites are the placemats and the Martini guy. Hmm, I may have to make a mad dash to TJ Maxx. LOL! =)

I really like your site and I love your humor! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. :)

~Happy November~



Annemarie said...

Ok these are all SO cute! Love those elegant place mats and canvas paintings! I'm a TJMaxx addict so your post is making me want to take a trip this afternoon! XOXO