August 8, 2017

Monthly Muse: AUGUST

We're over a week into August and it's already feeling like fall to me. There are still lots of warm days left but as soon as the "back to school" talk starts, I get excited for fall. Working  in a school is kind of like getting two New Year's in one year. There's always a freshness that comes with a new school year that makes me grateful for what I get to do every day. School officially starts back for us on Thursday and it's sure to be a whirlwind. It's already been that way to some degree - as evidenced by the silence around here. I'm consistently sharing over on instagram (photos and on IG stories) if you'd like to follow along! Happy August and back to school, y'all!


Atlantic-Pacific // "You Are Enough" // Planner (this is the one I'm using this year!)
Swoozie's BTS Collab from a couple years ago // Sugar Wafer "Pencils"


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