August 14, 2017

Weekend Photo Diary // Vol. 12

Hi, friends. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to post today - I've been so preoccupied and shaken up about the events that happened over the weekend here in Virginia. This is not the Virginia I know and love. These are not my people. I read that the majority of these individuals came from out of town for the events that took place Friday and Saturday in Charlottesville. I shared this post on instagram over the weekend and shared more candid thoughts on twitter. Here is my position: White Americans, it is our voice that can change this. No one should be surprised or shocked that this happened. We have a leader who has given a voice back to hate in this country. I will speak on and stand up for love and peace for the rest of my life. There is no left side or right side. There is a right side and wrong side, and if you're not saying something, if you're not calling out people who casually make racists, hateful comments, if you're neutral - you're part of the problem. I don't want to be political here or create an energy of animosity. I simply felt it necessary to take this opportunity to let my voice be heard on a very public platform. I feel incredibly passionate about this (as I'm sure a lot of you do). We're better together. #LoveAlwaysWins


I haven't shared a weekend photo diary post in a while, y'all! So, yesterday after I finished I doing a little haul video on my instagram story, I decided to share a few of the items here on the blog. If you want to catch the IG haul in its entirety it will be up until about 4:30 this afternoon! My instagram handle is @julie.leah :)

Have a great Monday, friends!


I shared both pairs of these tassel earrings a couple weeks ago in my very first haul video. Both of these are from Walmart, gang. Yes! The silky ones look just like the Vanessa Mooney Astrid Tassels, but these were $4! And the beaded ones were $4, too! I tried to find them online but didn't have any luck. The gold hoops were a recent purchase from Lulu's and I love them. 

I also chatted yesterday about some beauty products I've been loving lately. If you haven't tried Essence Cosmetics they're definitely worth a browse the next time you're in Ulta. They're super affordable (these lipliners are only $1.99!) and have a ton of great products. One item I didn't mention yesterday in my IG haul was this lipstick from the Kate Moss nude collection for Rimmel. The color range in this collection has a shade for every skin tone - it's very well done. My favorite is shade 42 - I've worn it almost every day for about two weeks.

I've been raving about two of these three products to anyone who will listen lately. And I just added the third to my line-up. This Garnier gel moisturizer paired with the Hard Candy Coconut Water Primer Stick are a match made in makeup heaven. I've heard tons of recommendations for using a gel moisturizer under your makeup instead of a cream. So, I finally gave that a whirl and whoa - it makes the biggest difference in the staying power of your makeup. I'm also loving the Hard Candy Setting Spray. These three products combined have kept my makeup looking natural but completely locked in all day.

I found this adorable Free People orange-printed top over the weekend and had to get it. It was on sale and one of the most unique pieces from FP that I've seen in a while. Wouldn't this make a great dress or jumpsuit?!

Finally, if you're looking for a great daily devotional book or just want a beautifully illustrated book to offer comfort or inspiration, I highly recommend The Beautiful Word. It's thoughtfully put together and made me feel a little better as I read through some of the illustrations over the weekend.



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