October 17, 2014

This, That & Then Some

It's been an unintentionally slow week around here and over on instagram. It's been crazy busy at work and (if I'm being really honest) my motivation has been lacking. Is it the weather? My crazy schedule? Unfollows getting me down? To be honest, I think it's a combination of everything. This blogging stuff isn't for the soft-hearted, I'll tell you that right now. But sometimes those little stabs of "why don't they like what I'm posting" can really get you down. Anywho, you'll never please everyone - that's what I have to remember and keep on keeping on.

I'm looking forward to this weekend with my friends and coworkers as we take (what has become) our annual trip to SCarowinds. I don't do scary things, but this is so fun! Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

Currently. . .


The ultimate accessory for fall and winter is the faux fur scarf. See my favorite picks from this week!

Aerie has just added a collection of blanket scarves to their site. You're gonna die.

Grey is an "it" color for fall and winter - I'm loving this tone-on-tone look from Lovely Pepa.

Can we please discuss how drop-dead gorgeous Kerry Washington looks on the cover of Allure?

The tee shirts from Tees in a Trap are so clever - and hilarious.

Carly's tiny pup in his tiny coat is the cutest thing I've seen in a while!

The 50 best movie beauty moments of all time - which are your favorites?

When the class of 2018 was born, this was happening in the world.


Unknown said...

Blogging has its ups & downs for sure....just keep doing what you're doing, you are doing a wonderful job. For what it's worth....your posts always seem genuine & heartfelt & you've always had a a very consistent style....and isn't that what the best bloggers are supposed to have :)

I think every blogger feels that way sometimes....but I think feeling "what am I doing wrong?" is never a good thing. Banish those thoughts - you are absolutely right that you can't please all of the people all of the time....I think you have to write about what YOU love - as opposed to what your readers love - because it's about "your" voice.

Am I making any sense....will be quiet now!!

Have a great weekend,
Simone Xx

Girl Meets Bow said...

Those blanket scarves are the bees knees! :) Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Shockley said...

Keep on going Julie! I read your posts every time and I enjoy them. Please keep in mind, as Simone said, this is your blog not ours! Keep it coming....