October 15, 2014

5 Simple Tricks for Better Pinning

Image: Just Dandy

Who doesn't love pinterest? Um, no one these days. Everyone's bff, mama, grandmama, sister, favorite teacher - well, you get it. Everyone is on pinterest. I love that someone was creative enough to come with an online space that is the equivalent to hoarding magazine clippings. (Which I still do, too!) As bloggers, we're all about doing everything better and making it a better experience for our followers - you're always on our minds, peeps. Below are five of my favorite tips for better pinning! If you have other tips that you swear by, please leave them in the comments!

1. Pin LARGE images - Keep your images around 700 px width by 1100 px length. Too small and your images get lost in the shuffle, but too large and they can be annoying in your followers' feed. Make them just large enough to pop, get someone's attention and ta-da repin your picture!

2. Pin VERTICAL images - It's been proven that we tend to gravitate to vertical images more often that horizontal ones on pinterest. I've read this in several articles and the Ahalogy girls talked about it at the SBS Conference this summer. Vertical images just get noticed more easily - and that's what we want!

3. Use accurate CAPTIONS and HASHTAGS - When people search for a certain kind of image on pinterest you want your images to be in that mix! Using accurate captions of what's in that photo or using relevant hashtags will get you noticed more often and ultimately get you more repins - and more followers!

4. Make sure the ORIGINAL SOURCES are linked - You don't want people stealing your stuff, right? It's wrong. Well, so is not sourcing images on pinterest. I will be the first to admit that I still have work to do on sourcing my pins, but I'm working on it. Just be conscious when you pin or repin that the image links back - give credit where it's due!

5. VERIFY your website/blog - Verifying your site gives you more engagement and traffic and it boosts your online visibility - step-by-step instructions! Remember when people had to click on the globe icon to take them to your site? Now, your site url is already visible and when you verify you get a little red check. People easily and quickly make the connection between your pinterest and your site and are more likely to click over. And with the new pinterest layout, your social media links are front and center!


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