February 27, 2013

You Need to Know

 (Image here // Original source unknown)

To me, that image is saying, "Heeeey, girl, did you hear about. . ." Which is exactly what I'm saying to you today! Y'all know how I feel about paying it forward. You also know how I feel about spreading the love to my fellow bloggers. I'm dedicating this post (and possibly similar future posts) to a few favorites as of late, and hopefully introducing you all to some can't-live-without reads. I know I can't live without these ladies! I had the privilege of meeting several of them during my recent trip to NYC and I promise they are just as wonderful in person - actual, even better! Read on for the links!

(Top to bottom, left to right: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6)

(Stylish // Southern // Genuine)
Bethany of B Soup
(Master of print-mixing // Witty // Gorgeous)
Elizabeth of The Now Stylebook
(Darling // Hilarious // A little edgy)
Meaghan of District Sparkle
(Sassy // Chic // Kindred Spirit)

Melissa of The Atelier
(Inspirational // Lovely // Creative)
Alyssa of The Glossy Life
(Original // Supportive // Adorable)


Are you sold yet?! Please be sure to pay these fabulous bloggers a visit - I promise you won't be disappointed!



Alyssa said...

You are seriously so sweet, Julie! I've loved visiting here every day and the little blog friendship we've created. So happy to know you!

The Glossy Life

Anonymous said...

Finding new blogs is always a treat -- off to check some of these ladies out!

Anonymous said...

I am so beyond flattered to be included in this group of amazing bloggers. And you really made my day! This was such a sweet and selfless post. Not all bloggers are so selfless and I really appreciate you for "paying it forward" like this. P.S...I'll send you the $50 for including me ;) xoxo

Allie Emme said...

Thanks for sharing! Really liking The Glossy Life blog.
xx Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

These girls are right! You are the bestest!! I love Elizabeth so much and was thrilled you included her.....will be checking out the others as well. happy Weekend,

viv said...

Thanks for the intros! Found you via Liz of The Now! xx

Anonymous said...

Love all these bloggers! Such a great post. So nice. xo, Julie