February 26, 2013

Bag Crush

Tory Burch Robinson Middy Satchel (2)

Sometimes you come across classic pieces that become obsessions until you figure out a way to make them yours. Case in point - the moment I'm having over the Tory Burch Robinson Middy Satchel. It comes in every staple color a girl could ever need and could be easily glammed up and accessorized with a monogram tag or colorful tassel. It's the perfect size and comes complete with a shoulder strap - I've taken quite the liking to shoulder straps lately as they can quickly turn your bag into a crossbody - perfect for shopping and traveling.


Tory Burch Robinson Middy Satchel
Shop all the colors here.

Tell me, folks, which color would you pick?



Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I have the robinson satchel and let me tell you that it is the perfect bag, period. I wear it almost everyday if not everyday ;)

Alyssa said...

This is the perfect size, and the strap is just a bonus. Love all the color options, but especially navy!

The Glossy Life

What Kate Likes said...

Practical me would pick the cognac, but impractical me would pick the red! So cute!

Its Official said...

Such a great find, Julie!

They are all so cute but I think I would go for the red!!

Kristen said...

Cute and functional. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

So cute and versatile! Love that it has a longer strap! And thanks again for your comment on our wedding pic. Our anniversary is coming up so I may post more....xoo

Gorgeous Glam said...

Lovely! The cream one is gorg! xx -Taj

Unknown said...

Adore this bag! I am a huge Tory fan and this bag is no exception. I think I would pick that coral color. It's so pretty!