July 28, 2011

Bright Red Lips

 (Images via The Wedding Chicks)


For those who know me well (and even those of you who only know me through my blog), you know how much I love bright lips. I personally don't think there's any better (or more glamorous) accessory a girl can throw on than a pop of color across her pout. I believe there's a flattering color out there for every stylish lady, you just have to look. And, really, what better way to make an entrance or catch someone's eye?! When I came across this breathtaking photo shoot I was instantly smitten. I imagine on my wedding day having bright lips (and nails) just like the beauties in these images.

Doesn't it make for some truly stunning photos?!

Swoon. . .


(Images via The Wedding Chicks)

"I can't imagine becoming bored with red - it would be like becoming bored with the person you love."

-Diana Vreeland on red lipstick




Lacey in the City said...

Such a beautiful thought - bright red lips and bright red nails offsetting your white wedding dress! Love it!

Rebecca said...

love this!

Suburban Princess said...

I dont know if I am glamourous enough for bright lips every day - but always for big nights out!

Chrissy Thomas said...

I love the way red lips look, but hardly ever think to wear it myself...I think I need to change that!

Ivana said...

These pictures are simply breathtaking! I love the gowns, I love the bright lips and I think the photographer is a genius :)

xx Ivana

Southern Belle Mama said...

I also love a red lip (I sported it today), but I'd love to have a pro help me pick out the "perfect" shade. Sooo many to choose from!

Karena said...

So strking and such gorgeous images!!

Arrt by Karena

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Anonymous said...

I'm emailing this post to my friend whose getting married...this is too perfect!

x M.

Rococo & Caffeine

Southern Belle Fashionista said...

Miss sweet sweet Julie! Do I see the words "wedding" & "love" in this bloggie post!! My my my! Someone has the butterflies that just won't stop flying! Love it!

Look up Psalm 37:4, it'll make you smile over your "new" love even more!

Piper Ellice said...

This post is definitely encouraging me to go back to my brightly colored lips! I have been slacking in the color department a little bit lately!

Margarita Bloom said...

Such beautiful images and those lips! Enough to make the grooms heart aflutter! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

These photos are gorgeous! Loving the red lips against the white gowns. Swoon. xo


Oh I am so right there with u! I want everyone to feel the same way so I can continue to make a living. Nothing beats a perfect pout :) Happy weekend, gorgeous! xoxo