September 24, 2010

It's Friday. I'm in Love: Apartment Admiration

Happy Friday, everyone! So happy that the weekend is here. This was such a long week! It wasn't just me was it?

I have class all weekend while my parents head down to Atlanta to the PGA Tournament. Actually, my dad is going to the PGA and my mom is shopping. Yea, that's not fair.

Today I want to share some photos from the recent Sex and the City Movie. I think we were all obsessing over the Upper East Side Apartment that Carrie and Big were living in, right? Here's a recap of that gorgeous abode, just the perfect thing to kick off the weekend!



(Apartment photos here and here)


I remember falling in love with this space when I saw the movie! Absolutely LOVED it. Everything just seems to work so well together- the textures, the colors, all the little details, including Carrie sitting in the living room pondering in her Christian Louboutins.



(via Sum Sum)


Did you love this space from the SATC movie? Which were your favorite pieces? Please share!

I'll be back around later for some special weekend wishes!


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Artist: Alicia Keys
Song: Empire State of Mind (Pt. 2)


Unknown said...

k i haven't seen this yet...omg i'm so bad.

but seriously swoon.

and that closet...!!

Carole said...

I am loving the closet, especially that one side is masculine and the other feminine.

Don't feel guilty, Camilla. I missed SATC2 when it came out and am waiting for it to be on Netflix.

Happy Weekend!

I Do Declare said...

Honestly, I love all the wallpapers. Long live the 80's, but I do adore wallpaper when it's done right.

Sarah said...

I'm a nyc girl, so I can't help but adore that!

Your blog is so great :) Hope you will check mine out and follow for stories and reviews on nyc nightlife, dining, dating, and debauchery!


Beth McC. said...

I am loving this post!!! Great pictures I think I have looked thru them twice already! Happy Friday!

Jaclyn D. said...

Oh I just LOVE this post! I love the SATC movies and the apartment that C&B lived in during SATC2 is the epitome of a New York apartment if you ask me. I love the bedroom. So luxurious and elegant! And the closet? It's about as big as my current bedroom! Must be nice right?

Great post! :)

Have a great weekend!

Natasha said...

i LOVED LOVED LOVED that apartment!! swoon over that upholstered pattern headboard in the master bedroom and dont even get me started on the closet--haha! Have a great weekend sweetie!

Buckhead Belle said...

Happy Friday! Ahhhh, totally swooning over Carrie's closet!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

pretty much to die for. I wonder what her REAL apt looks like.

*D* said...

dream home for sure!! hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

melifaif said...

I have not seen either of the movies, or series - SHOCK, I know. But, that room there. Wowsa. Can you imagine getting the call to decorate the house/set for Carrie and Big in SATC?!?! Talk about going bonkers....enjoy your weekend love.

Drew said...

I still love her original apartment best!

The new one was too dark for my tastes....

Marcie said...


Oh I've missed you. I am loving this apartment. Can I have it please? Thanks!

So hard to realize people really have these things.

xo M

Mrs. Potts said...

Oh, I love it. I'd take it in a NY minute. That was bad. I know.

Have a wonderful weekend, sweets!


Oh I can't believe your parents are going there too!!! What's it about Atlanta this weekend??? So wish you were going too!

Have a great weekend, sweetie and I hope I get to meet u one day! xoxo

Unknown said...

Oh my, love. That closet is out of control and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for sharing!

Lili said...

I am Loving the sublte touches of blue everywhere!!!!

Claire Kiefer said...

Ohhhhhh the closet . . . if only!!!

Wendy said...

I love the headboard and the closet. I would definitely take the closet!!!

heather said...

OOh! Thank you for the eye candy. Love SATC (well, what girl doesn't i guess). And this apartment with well-lit shoe display/closet is pretty amazing!

Have a lovely weekend, Julie!

Pink Champagne said...

So chic! Did you scream when you saw her closet? I did! I could easily move into this glam space... and take all those shoes while I'm at it. Tee hee. I've been super-busy this week so I'm finally catching up now - big hugs to you, lady!

Sarah Greenman said...

Isn't it dreamy?

Kerr said...

gorgeous. that closet is to die for