July 3, 2013

My Style: Tie It On

I feel like summer is a great time to experiment with new accessories. Layering isn't really an option in the summertime heat but there are ways to add interest and focus to an outfit without sacrificing comfort. Lately, I've really loved the idea of silk scarves - draped around your neck, tied on a bag, or wrapped up in your hair. I think it's a playful, easy alternative for accessorizing your look. I'm especially fond of  this equestrian-themed scarf from my friend Julia's shop, Lemon Stripes. I think it pairs perfectly with a denim jacket and my go-to summer bag.

Dress, BELK // Jacket, c/o PAIGE DENIM // Sandals, J. CREW // Bag, DEUX LUX

You can shop all of Julia's darling pieces in her shop!

(Thanks to Ashley for the photos!)

*Note: It has come to my attention since I originally shared this post that the equestrian design on the scarf may have been plagiarized by Fornash, Inc. from Italian designer Mila Schon. As always, I want to give credit where it is due and provide you, my readers, with original sources. (Update 7/24/13)


kate said...

Remember in the 80's when women used to kind of tie them around their shoulders in a diagonal? Maybe it was before your time! I vividly remember my 2nd grade teacher (mrs. Valentine) used to always wear them and I thought she looked so elegant! Then when I played dress up and school I would do the same thing... haha, I was a dork! You look pretty as always!

Brittany Liljeqvist said...

Love that scarf!!

Julia Dzafic said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love how you styled the scarf in such a sweet and girly way. You're the best!

Lemon Stripes

Sistergirl said...

Oh that's really cute!