July 4, 2012

Currently Crushing

I don't even think these need an introduction. Pink glitter. Gold bow. Done.

I'm in love with these Kate Spade loafers and can think of tons of different ways to style them! Do you love them as much as I do?! Perfectly reminiscent of a pink firework, if I do say so myself!



Michelle said...

Yes. Please. I neeed them!

living well said...

I loooove those!

preppylove said...

Those are so. dang. cute!!


Erica Elia said...

Very cute! Erica

Jessica Barron said...

OMG I need these!! Like you said ... pink, glitter, bow = I'm sold!

Elizabeth said...

I have some Kate Spade shoes that have pearls on them and thought that little combo was about as good as it got... wrong! KS and glitter- perfect!

Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment.

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