August 18, 2021

What I Pack In My Back-To-School Bag

I love back-to-school "season" and shopping for school supplies! It's my absolute favorite! Today I'm sharing what's in my work bag and a few new things I bought for the school year!

The energy during back-to-school time is my favorite! It also means that fall is just around the corner! One of life's simple pleasures that I never get tired of is buying new school supplies. I guess it's the 90s kid that's still alive in me that remembers hoarding all the Lisa Frank I possibly could on back-to-school shopping trips to Walmart. I still love that feeling and get excited every year to replenish my pens, buy a new planner, and start over with a freshly organized work bag. I think even if I didn't work in a school this time of year would still make me giddy, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a built-in excuse for back-to-school shopping ;)

Pink pencil case, STONEY CLOVER // Princess tumbler, SIMPLY MODERN
Clear travel pouch, STONEY CLOVER // Hand sanitizer, MEGABABE // Rollerball perfume
Lip balm, MAYBELLINE // Masks, KITSCH (my favorites!) // ID holder & lanyard, VERA BRADLEY
Hand lotion, GLOSSIER // Blue light glasses, AMAZON // Pens, AMAZON


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