July 25, 2021

I'm A Barbie Girl • Barbie Shopping Guide

Life in plastic - it's fantastic!

I have loved Barbie (literally) my whole life, and it seems that she's never gone out of style. Now more than ever, brands are embracing the forever-icon with fun collaborations and inspired pieces. As a self-proclaimed Barbie girl, I am here for all of it! Everything from clothing to accessories to cosmetics! Today I've rounded up some of my favorite items and can't wait for you to dive into a Barbie world of your own!

Shop all the pieces below!

Part of their exclusive collaboration. She comes with the cutest accessories.

These are so fun and there are lots of other Barbie pieces on sale right now!

The cutest back-to-school supply featuring the old school Barbie logo.

I love this tee paired with the pink blazer! Skinnydip has a really fun Barbie collection right now!

I love the charms they chose for these and I'm especially loving the rose gold.

I love this design I found on Redbubble. There are tons more when you search "Barbie" on the site.

SCL blew it out of the water on these Barbie patches! So detailed and beautiful! I also included the Christie patch at the bottom of the collage.

The print says "Beverley Hills Sports Club" and I think it's perfectly vintage-inspired.

This is what I ordered from the collaboration and I customized it with the white pearl letters.

I cannot bring myself to spend $200 on a headband but omg, this one is gorgeous! And it comes in pink!

Love this print! I think they did a great job with representation.

This collab was super cute and also featured a golf cart float.

This entire collection (which a friend sent to me on instagram) is fantastic! Go check out the tie dye!

This collab was inspired by Malibu Barbie and it screams summertime. It's all on sale right now on the ColourPop site!

Designed by Jen and it also comes in prints, pouches, and mugs!

I love the color and the little logo detail on the lens.

This cute tumbler comes in blue, black, and pink. I think it would be adorable with the straw topper below!

These are by Just Jess Fashions, and I cannot get over the detail! I managed to scoop up the blonde before she sold out, but others are still available.

There is a small collection of Barbie Funkos and they are all so cute. I'm dying to get the Holiday Barbie 1988 one.

I love a pink headband and I think this one seems extremely wearable for everyday. I pull the trigger on it!

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