January 16, 2021

Favorite Finds of 2020

Nearly everything I purchased in 2020 (except for groceries and essentials) I ordered online, and today I'm sharing the standout items that get a five-star rating from me!

While my favorite purchase of 2020 was Dollyhood, I wanted to share some things that you could scoop up for yourself. These are things that I found myself recommending and reaching for over and over. 


I love everything Glennon writes - books, tweets, instagram captions. She speaks simple, but profound truth. I had a chance to see her speak a couple years ago and loved it! Her book was released right at the beginning of lock-down and her tour had to be canceled. It didn't stop Untamed from being a book on nearly everyone's list last year.

There were very fews days in 2020 that I was without a headband. My favorites, though, are from Lele Sadoughi. The beaded ones are an investment but you can usually always find them on sale at department stores.

Boy Smells has a cult following, and this was my first purchase from the company. Slow Burn is the scent created by Kacey Musgraves - it has a warm, amber fragrance that makes you just want to stay home.

My favorite sunglasses ever! They add a fun pop to any photo, and they come in a rainbow of colors.

I wore these SO much over the summer. They go with everything and they're surprisingly comfortable!

I adore a situational tee shirt, accessory, bag charm, etc. - you name it! They're perfect for photos (ig content) and they fit my personality. I snatched up this one from Amazon. If you're an HK fan, they have lots of others!

One of my favorite pieces for my new house is this chandelier that I plan to hang in my living room. I have to wait for my dad to clear his schedule to come do it :)

I wear this bracelet every day. It layers up perfectly in any stack of bracelets and I love the chain that hangs down from it when it's clasped.

It seems like quarantine brought out everyone's creative side, and beaded bracelets were everywhere. These are, however, some of my favorites. The quality is great and they looks so pretty all stacked together!

10. Everything I bought from Sparklebop
Last year I became friends with some wonderful women that I connected with on instagram. Jenny, who owns Sparklebop, is one of them. She creates the most unique inspired jewelry!

These should be in everyone's closet! They're great quality, the price is right, and they have just enough heel to make you feel "pulled together."

I wore this sweatshirt just the other day, actually. It's so soft and the print looks worn and broken in. I sized up a couple of sizes so I could wear it with leggings.

These are identical to the pink ones!

I wish I could break the habit, but I wear pearl hoops almost every single day. They go with everything and since I'm usually wearing a pearl headband, they coordinate so well.

My skin has changed since I turned 30 and I can't do heavy, full-coverage foundations anymore. They weigh my skin down and settle in every line on my face. Not a good look. I tried this foundation on a whim (I don't use a lot of Covergirl products) and fell in love! It's just enough all-over coverage (super light!) to pair well with concealer.

I prefer matte lipsticks with gloss over top. This one is sparkly and makes your lips look super juicy! It isn't sticky at all and comes in a good range of colors.

I made several purchases from Selene last year. She makes the most unique repurposed accessories! I rarely leave home without one of her bag charms hanging on my purse.

I have raved about these since the first time I used them! I haven't experimented with a lot of nail polish strips, but I can't imagine any of them are better than these! I always get 2 weeks out of mine and I love their selection.

Another new item for my house! This chair was purchased as an accent for my bedroom, but it's so comfy! I love the mid-century style and pop of color.

Was this everyone's quarantine splurge? Ordering one after another....after another?! These are hands-down the best pouches around! They're so fun to customize and the Glazer sisters know what we love and want! They're perfect for travel or simply organizing your purse.

I will never go back to a traditional keyring. This one slips on your wrist and makes it so easy to carry things.

I ordered these last year before I realized we wouldn't be traveling anywhere :) I used them when I went to my parents' over Christmas and they make packing so much easier. I'm an organization freak and if you're like me, you'll love them!

 I bought this ornament to celebrate the purchase of my first house. Old World Christmas makes the most beautiful (affordable) glass ornaments.

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