June 25, 2020

My Style at Home: Bedroom Update

I had a lot of fun updating spots around my house during this time in quarantine. I especially loved zhushing up my tiny bedroom to bring a little more of my personality into the decor!

When my daily routine changed with my school closing for the remainder of the year, I knew I needed some projects to keep me busy. The state of the world has been a dark place lately, and keeping my mind occupied has been necessary for my mental health. I decided to add several home projects to my list including a bedroom update. I brought in some new art, hung new (airy) curtains, came up with some new ideas for organizing, and did an overall "fluff" to the space. It feels much more "me" now - super girly with touches of all the things I love.


I found those "floating" shelves for super cheap and thought they were perfect since I chose to adjust my bed in the corner instead of flush against the wall.

I've had this leopard table for years and I can't imagine ever parting with it!

I, of course, had to bring some touches of Disney into the space.

Millie loves it too :)


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Sally said...

This is really cute!!