July 15, 2020

Life Lately: Summer 2020

The last few months have been unprecedented to say the least. It's been challenging but also an opportunity for personal growth. I'm sharing my thoughts about what's happened and what's to come in today's post.

(sweatshirt gifted from The Happy Givers)

There is nothing that I own that speaks more to my mental state than this sweatshirt. There's been so much happening over the last few months in addition to navigating the pandemic - personal relationships falling apart, celebrity deaths & divorces, the uncertainty of work, police brutality & protests, the list could go on and on. It's been a struggle for everyone in their own unique way. Working in a school, I'm now facing the uncertainty of what our return looks like - do we even return at all?

All of that to say - this has been a completely differently summer. There have been, however, a few little bright spots over the last couple of months and I wanted to document them here. Mostly for myself to look back on, but I hope they spark at little bit of joy for you, as well. I pray all of you are finding little moments during this significant time that are making you appreciate friendships, simple pleasures, and healing.


This sweet girl and I have spent so much time together over the last few months. As she's getting older and slowing down, it's actually been really nice to be home with her as much as I have.

As I mentioned in this post, I decided early in quarantine that I needed some projects to keep me busy. In addition to things inside my house, I also gave my mailbox a cute facelift.

It feels like everyone I follow on instagram took up bracelet-making during quarantine - myself included! It has been such a therapeutic hobby.

I've spent a lot of money at our local ice cream shop this summer. Featured here: one scoop of banana pudding and one scoop of yellow cake with chocolate swirl.

One of my girlfriends and I took a day trip to Charlotte, NC for three things: Ikea, Cheesecake Factory, and seeing some gorgeous street art that local artists had completed to celebrate BLM.

One of the simplest but most rewarding things was being able to crack open my new planner at the beginning of the this month. You can find it here.

This past weekend, we celebrated this sweet girl's 5th birthday! She's going into kindergarten this year and I don't know how that happened so fast!

Finally, I spent some time stocking up on cute masks to make the task of wearing one not so mundane. Wearing is caring, friends!


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