April 26, 2020

What's Your Enneagram?

If someone said to you "I'm a 3w2" would you know what they're talking about? Today I'm going to chat about the enneagram personality test! My work in the mental health field keeps my interest sparked in learning about human behavior and interaction. Let's talk about our types!

Enneagram types

As a psychology major and working currently as a counselor, I have been fascinated with the enneagram for several years. It's such an interesting means of gaining insight about yourself and how you interact with the world around you and manage your emotions. What I've learned is that it's much more than just a personality inventory. It's important to be very honest on the questionnaire - even though some questions will tempt you to skew your response. There is no right or wrong answer - only truthful answers based on who you are.

Enneagram types

There are 9 dominate "types" that you can get, and you will also have a "wing." The wing falls on either side of your dominate type. For example, I am a 3 wing 2. However, I could've been a 3 wing 4. Make sense? While we're here, let me tell you about my type. The 3 is the achiever - think future-focused, goal setter, image conscious, go-getter, cheerleader. My wing is a 2, the helper. This goes right in line with me choosing a helping profession. My dominate type and wing combined (3w2) are referred to as the charmer. I do, however, demonstrate some characteristics of a 1 - the reformer. I definitely have perfectionist tendencies :) You can read about the types here!

The inventory serves as a guide for initially figuring out and understanding your type. However, some experts suggest reading through and studying the types and deciding with which one you most connect and identify. Again, be honest with yourself. That's the only way for it to be completely accurate.

Full disclosure - I was not happy the first time I read the description of a 3. The type (at first glance) seemed self-absorbed, power hungry, and shallow. It was hard for me to accept the less appealing traits - which is such a 3 thing to do! But the more I researched, I came to accept that a 3 is exactly who I am.

Once you familiarize yourself with your type, it's fun to dive deeper into the more complex pieces of the enneagram. Such as: The traits you exhibit when you're under stress or in growth. What each type is like in relationships. How the types compare to one another. There's so much information to keep you busy with research it can be overwhelming. If this interests you, start out slowly and then get in to the little details. I can't tell you how much this has helped me become more self aware and enlightened.

Enneagram types

I think this would be a great activity to do during this shut-in time. Get the whole family to take the inventory and then chat about your different types and the ways you've all witnessed those characteristics in each other. There are free inventories you can take or ones you can pay for. This one is a great free option! I highly recommend studying the types through the Enneagram Institute once you take the inventory. The site is so thorough and descriptive.

Finally, I want to share some amazing, fun, and inspirational instagram accounts to follow that focus on the enneagram. Once you gain an understanding of your type, it's really fun to see artists do interpretations of them. For example, what type each Disney princess is or what each type is doing during quarantine or Taylor Swift lyrics for each type - it's a really fun community! Below are my favorites to go follow now!


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