February 10, 2020

Life Lately: January 2020

January 2020 recap Julie Leah Blog

Hey, friends! I'm popping on today to share a life update from last month. I would love to do this every month, but sometimes I just feel uninspired or that nothing is exciting enough to share. I also struggle with the comparison game and often feel like my simple life isn't what y'all want to see. Silly, I know, but completely honest.

I'm pushing through all of my insecurities today and giving you a recap of what I did, what I watched, what I bought, and how I spent my time last month. Enjoy!


I rang in 2020 in D.C. at Blues Alley. It was such a fun night! I've never been one to get into the hype of New Year's Eve, but getting dressed up and drinking champagne all night was a welcome celebration!

I also celebrated my birthday in January. I had an intimate dinner with my parents and some family friends to ring in 33!

I binged The Resident last month and now I'm all caught up to the most current episode. If you're a Gilmore Girls fan then you definitely need to check out this show. Logan was my favorite GG boyfriend, and the actor who played him (Matt Czuchry) is the lead in The Resident.

I watched season one of The Witcher. It's not like Game of Thrones - don't let anyone fool you!

And I continually flip through the different seasons of Gilmore Girls - I will never get tired of that show!

I did a lot of online shopping last month. I had gotten lots of gift cards for Christmas and I felt like I was constantly placing online orders. A few of my favorite purchases were these packing cubes, this Louis Vuitton Minnie Mouse bag charm, and these pearl dupe earrings.

I also snatched up the latest release from Tati Beauty, her Blendiful makeup applicator. I am absolutely obsessed with this tool - it has completely changed my foundation/concealer routine!

Enneagram instagram accounts - there are so many!

@ladydirevengelooks // @stylewyn // @theshirleytempleking // @realhousewifeofdisneyland

Sweet friends who purchased me the most perfect, thoughtful birthday gifts.


xo, Julie

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