September 19, 2019

Ten Things About Me

Today I'm sharing a fun list of things about me! I haven't done a post like this in while and I know there are new readers and followers here. So, hi! Welcome to my blog and read on to learn a little more about me!

Julie Leah Blog Ten Things About Me


one. I am an ENNEAGRAM 3.
For those who know me personally, this comes as no surprise. If you aren't familiar with the enneagram types go here for a quick education. Type 3 is the achiever. To be very specific I'm a 3w2 (3 wing 2) - 3 is my dominant type, 2 (the helper) is secondary. I've always been fascinated with personality inventories, and this one is especially interesting and insightful.

two. My Hogwarts house is SLYTHERIN.
This was a little disappointing at first, because doesn't everyone hope for Gryffindor?! But, honestly, this goes hand-in-hand with my enneagram 3 label and I'm embracing it!

three. I'm a childless millennial who LOVES DISNEY.
I know thirty-something Disney lovers take some crap from people who just don't get it. But I'm here to say, love what you love and don't let anyone shame you for it.

four. I love RAIN.
Give me a cozy, chilly, rainy day inside any day! Seriously. When most people are complaining about it, I'm loving it. I used to feel like something was wrong with me and I needed to whine about it too just so I would fit in - lame, I know. But as I've gotten older and learned more about my personality, this lines up with everything else about me.

five. I'm LEFT HANDED.
For my fellow lefties out there, y'all understand what a gift and a curse this is. I always had great handwriting, but the never ending smudges on my papers, drawings, etc. was a constant battle. Not to mention every desk was for right handed people. Are things more inclusive now? :) But really.

six. I've been a SCHOOL COUNSELOR for ten years.
This was literally startling to me as I typed it. Some days I still feel like the teenagers that I help every day!

seven. I'm an INTROVERT.
This is often surprising to people. I like to say I'm the most extroverted introvert you'll ever meet. I refuel and recharge by having a lot of alone time - that's the only way I'm able to be super outgoing when I'm with people. Remember: introvert doesn't necessarily mean shy.

eight. I'm a new TAYLOR SWIFT FAN.
Long story short - I sided with Katy Perry and for a long time I felt like Taylor was overrated. Flash forward to her last album and the newly released Lover album and I am a devoted fan.

nine. I love TUMBLR.
This is partly thanks to Taylor Swift making me realize that tumblr is still a thing. I've had a tumblr for as long as I've had my blog. Before pinterest, there was tumblr. I lost interest in it a few years ago and quit posting. However, as I started following T. Swift, I realized she has a tumblr that she updates regularly. So, I jumped back on the bandwagon and fell in love with it again. Come tumbl with me!

ten. ICED COFFEE always.
I'm an iced coffee girl year round. I'm really only interested in hot chocolate, not hot coffee.


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