June 5, 2017

Weekend Photo Diary // Vol. 7

Back to the grind, huh? Three day weekends always spoil me - you, too? I spent this weekend catching up with friends, seeing Everything Everything (so good!), shopping for a new strapless bra (it's an eternal search, right?), going to church yesterday, and updating a couple of things on my blog (my welcome photo over there --> and my about page). Sometimes the simplest weekends can be the best. . .

Yesterday morning when I put on Pandora while I got ready for church, one of the first songs to play was Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James. That song, the sway that you just can't stop when you hear it - for just a minute it made me put some really heavy life stuff in the back of my mind and just be there in that moment. I'm learning to slow down and appreciate those little moments more and more recently.

Thanks for always supporting me, gang. Your love means a lot. xo


edible cookie dough
After dinner on Saturday night, my friends and I stopped into Mercantile on State to pick up some edible cookie dough for dessert. The company, That Cookie Dough, is brand new and already a local favorite! I opted for the classic Chocolate Chip and ate every last bite.

leopard and floral print mix
Y'all know by now, there's nothing I love more than a great print mix. Florals and leopard will always have a special place in my heart, especially. I wore this combo to church on Sunday.

OPI lucky lucky lavender
For once I didn't paint my nails red or pink! This color is OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender - so pretty and incredibly feminine. You can shop all the details from the photo here!



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