April 5, 2017

Life Lately

Hi, friends! Let me start by saying that I've been working on this post for longer than I care to admit. If you follow on instagram then you already know that at the beginning of this month I moved. I had lived in the townhouse with the pink door since I graduated college in 2009. It's the only house I've ever lived in since starting this blog. There were lots of memories there - lots of "firsts," but also some bittersweet times. Sometime in February, I decided to find a new place closer to my work (I was making a little over an hour commute round-trip every day). The little cottage farmhouse that I found was nothing short of a blessing. It was one of those "small town connection, somebody knows somebody" kind of things that dropped this place right in my lap. The house was built in 1945 - the owner was brought home as a baby to this house. There's a river that runs right behind it that I can see out the window in my kitchen. I don't want to share a lot of details because I'm hoping to do a post soon with lots of photos! I also want to share some tips for moving from a place with pretty much limitless space to something much smaller. In all honesty, it wasn't as hard as you think. My biggest struggle was closet space and with the help of a friend and her husband, we remedied the situation very easily. More on all those details in a future post!

So, as you can imagine the last month has been somewhat of a whirlwind. We're also getting down to the wire at work. We had no winter this year at all which meant no snow days to extend the year and make me feel like I have some extra time to get everything done on my to-do list. No. . . extra. . . time. 

I know many of you follow on instagram or snapchat, but I wanted to share some highlights from the last couple of months here. Happy Wednesday, friends! I've missed you. xo

Loving on the sweetest baby at my friends' house.

The only significant snow that we got all winter.

Wearing My Kind of Lovely for a weekend in Knoxville.

Birthday flowers for my 30th birthday.

Toasting my 30th birthday with some girlfriends before dinner.

Christmas-turned-Valentine flamingos.

A snap from this post wearing white jeans and the best print from My Kind of Lovely.

I just wanted to bring it home with me.

After seeing Dan + Shay at The Tennessee Theatre.

My favorite moccasins and some surprise street art.

A snap of one little corner of my bedroom.

This gallery wall has been a long time coming. How perfect are all these pieces together?

My best friend, Lori, and I went to see Beauty & The Beast on Sunday. I couldn't resist getting in one last wear of this dress.


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Girl Meets Bow said...

Congrats on the new space!! I can't wait to see it & get some design inspiration from you!