February 16, 2017

My Style: Thirty-Something

Hi, friends. I'm a little embarrassed to say I've had these photos for a couple of months now. It seems like life right after the holidays is always a struggle for me #badhabits. I'm excited to share a full life update sometime in the near future. For now, though, just know that 2017 is shaping up to be significantly different than last year.

I turned 30 last month. And, oddly enough, hitting that milestone really makes the reality of being an adult set in. Adulting isn't a joke, gang. My friends and I are constantly texting each other about the harshness of life (having to buy a new refrigerator without warning, illness, everyday chores, temper tantrums, etc.) When did we become old enough to deal with this? And how are we actually managing to do it every day?

With each other. That's how.

We call on, lean on, cry on, love on each other at every opportunity we get or at any given moment we need each other. Group texts and group snap chats are currently our form of therapy. We're our own brand of crazy and we just get each other. I'm thankful every single day for my tribe of strong female friends. Friends who love and support you no matter what. Friends who say what you need to hear not what you want to hear. Friends who love you through everything. Friends who never put their judgey pants on with you.

My remedy for getting this adult thing right? Having a group of girlfriends who are trying to figure it all out with you. . .

Sweater, FREE PEOPLE -- Striped tunic, OLD NAVY -- Jeans, OLD NAVY
Bag, gifted VERA BRADLEY -- Moccasins, MINNETONKA
Necklace & earrings, KENDRA SCOTT -- Bull necklace, BOUTIQUE FIND


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PerfectlyObsessed said...

Love this post! I'm in my early 20's, so I'm just starting to realize this and build up a tribe. Never forget how lucky you are to have them.