July 14, 2015

Let's Go There: Family Vacation in PA • DE • MD

I'm so excited to welcome my friend Lacey to the blog today! Lacey and I met last summer at SBSCon in Atlanta and have kept in touch and followed each other ever since. She is just the sweetest person - the kind of girl you hope to meet in this crazy blogging world. She has incredible style, and I couldn't wait for the opportunity to feature her on the blog! Her packing tip below is one that I am adding to my list asap! I hope you enjoy!


We will be traveling the tri-state area of PA, DE, and MD. My family is scattered throughout, and the nice thing is that we get a little touch of everything in one. The city, the beach, and the country with family.

Rehoboth Beach, DE. I love this place! The beach is super nice, the boardwalk is so fun to ride bikes up and down, and it’s pet friendly! Hooray! We will be enjoying brunch, some waves and sand, and of course some beverages!

Annapolis, MD. Annapolis is 40 minutes from my mom’s hometown, so it feels like home since our family spent so much time there. Annapolis is just across the bay bridge on the Western shore of Maryland. The downtown harbor is my favorite! We stop in and stop in the shops and eat at this hole in the wall place for breakfast. It brings back so many memories from my childhood. 

Dover, DE. Where my grandparents live. Dover is also where we got married and now where my Aunt lives. We have a lot to soak up while we are there. We will also be having a family crab picking. If you aren’t from MD… you won’t understand, but trust me it’s AWESOME!

Off the grid is DC. We always stop on our way to see my family or when we are going home. DC is my favorite city. It’s clean… mostly safe… and the shopping is amazing! Tyson’s is our jam, and we usually spend several hours stocking up on necessities - TN is lacking in the shopping department!

Separate bags! Keep it organized! I even do this when traveling on a plane. I use my boat tote as a carry on, my work bag as a personal item, and then separate within the bags using small garment dust bags. I miss Piper Lime so much because of this! They make the BEST packing bags! You can find ones like this on Amazon, though! I put my handbags and shoes in separate bags too! For clothing I break it down by category… tops, bottoms, undergarments, etc. It makes unpacking nice, and if you need something quick it’s easy to find. Another great thing: heaven forbid something leaks in your bag… all is well! Your whole trip isn’t ruined because your clothes are soaked in shampoo!

I packed mostly dresses, makes for easier packing. I have been saving up most of these outfits to have for vacation and I’m super excited to wear them. My favorite piece which I featured in a photo is this dress from The Happy Goose ShopI love the detail and the fit is super flattering! It is unfortunately sold out, but I found a dupe here!

(All photos taken by Lacey of A Glimpse of Glitter - captured for this post)

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Girl Meets Bow said...

I LOVE the tip about using separate bags for "categories" of items! I will definitely be using that in the future!