June 27, 2014

Let's Go There: Patricia of Piqued PR

For the last two weeks we've stayed stateside with Let's Go There - New York and Asheville. Today we're packing up for a two week trip across the globe with Patricia of Piqued PR. Patricia is one of the most genuine ladies that I've connected with through blogging. We've collaborated on a few occasions and I love working with her!

She has officially packed her bags and is going to be spending a week in London and then traveling on to Sicily for a week - what a dream trip! When I asked what she was going to be doing while she was gone she told me about her obsession with the show Ladies of London and confessed that she's really hoping to bump into one of them while she's there! She's also hoping to spot some royals since she'll be there during Wimbledon. Of course, one can't travel to London without going to Harrods and Liberty! As far as the Italian leg of the trip, what more is there to do than feast on pizza and pasta?!

When I asked Patricia about her packing strategy for a two week getaway she said this. . .

"Since London and Sicily are at least ten degrees apart in temperature daily with completely different climates, I'm relying on layers starting with dresses. I have a reputation (that everyone constantly reminds me about!) for overpacking. I've developed this strategy of packing only navy or pieces that pair with the color and neutral accessories. So far, it's kept me on task!"

I really love that approach to packing - especially for a long trip like this one! Check out what's going in Patricia's suitcase and keep up with her travels on twitter (@PiquedPR and @FashionPennPal) and instagram (@piquedpr and @pmaritstch)! You can also keep up with this series via the hashtag #JLletsgothere.

(All photos by Patricia of Piqued PR)


Alex Carreno said...

SO jealous of that trip! Sounds like it'll be amazing. I am notorious for overpacking as well so in an effort to get away from that I try to limit myself to a carry on roller-bag. I traveled Europe for 10 days a few years ago with just one roller carry-on - it was winter too! Tough but so proud of myself for mastering it :)


Nicole said...

What an amazing trip, and how adorable is Patricia's house?! Love those punch colors. Enjoying the series, Julie! Have a fabulous trip, Patricia!

preppylove said...

I wish I were in London... someday I would really love to go to Wimbledon! Those RL PJs are precious!!