June 13, 2014

Let's Go There: Meaghan of District Sparkle

I'm thrilled to be kicking off my summer travel series Let's Go There with Meaghan of District Sparkle. I was lucky enough to meet Meaghan for the first time last year in NYC. She's even more beautiful in person (is that possible?), so chic and put together. This weekend she's traveling to New York for her college best friend's wedding - yes, she's part of the bridal party. When I asked her about her packing strategy for the weekend she said:

"When you're in the bridal party for one of your best friend's wedding, every little detail counts. For three days, with three major events, I've packed an appropriate occasion dress for each day, pjs, and a more relaxed outfit for cornhole domination while downing an unacceptable amount of summer shandys. Each outfit is planned ahead of time then I usually just toss my essentials in a versatile tote. Whether I'm traveling by plane or we're sticking to the road, I never leave home without face wipes, chargers, sunglasses, and my iPad."

Check out some of the things she's packed for her weekend getaway below and be sure to follow along on her trip via twitter and instagram! As this series progresses, you can also keep up with all the trips I feature via the hashtag #JLletsgothere.

(All photos by Meaghan of District Sparkle)


Alex Carreno said...

What a fun series!! Love that orange top - I am SO ready for my vacations coming up! Have a great Friday.


Lili said...

such a great series!!!

Lizzi said...

Following on pinterest now :-)

Unknown said...

As a lover of travel, I'm all about this post and kind of jealous that I didn't think of it myself…ha! Such a great idea!

Megan // www.fyeahblog.com