January 6, 2014

Monthly Muse: January

If it weren't for my birthday, January would probably be a dreaded month for me. It's freezing cold, full of unpredictable weather, and just all around one of those months that you have to trudge through to get to more agreeable temperatures. When I was younger we always planned my birthday parties and held our breath. For all we knew, there could be a blizzard that would completely wipe out the plans. A canceled birthday party to a seven year old? The apocalypse.

As I've gotten older, aside from the terrifying weather, January has been a month of planning and goal-setting. Working in a school, I always feel like I get two New Year's celebrations and fresh slates - once in January and again when we resume from summer vacation in August. It's a wonderful little situation. A few of my favorite things this month include lots of fur, sparkly new baubles from my friend Michelle's shop, and embracing the color of the year (how amazing is that edit of Anna Wintour?!). What does your January look like?



Merritt said...

love those earrings - and whatever those bars are... I want them now!

The Style Scribe

Pink Champagne said...

Squeee! So happy Pink Bubbly can add a little sparkle to your January! (And can we talk about all that fur and champagne?) Cheers to our birthday month - we really must get together and celebrate each year! ;) XX

Lili said...

are you capricorn or aquarius? sharing the birthday month with you too!

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

My birthday is the 7th of January, so I'm popping some bubbly. Usually after that, work pretty much takes over as I use this month to work thru up and coming new projects.

Lisa @ Girl at the Beach.

Unknown said...

Ohhh, happy birthday month!! It may be freezing but that just means you get to warm up inside with friends and family. Happy 2014, sweet friend!

Ivana said...

I used to be the girl who hated January for the short days and cold and damp weather, but a few years back I managed to change my perspective: instead of focusing on the weather and lack of sunshine, I put more time into enjoying quiet, relaxing evenings at home, with a burning candle nearby, a cup of hot tea in my hand and an amazing book. It changed my world :) Now I'm actually looking forward to those moments. Plus, January, together with May (my birthday month) and September (I've never quite got over that whole "back to school" thing :) is my favorite time to dream up new dreams, plot new adventures and make grand plans.

And on a different note, that photo of Anna is just great! The idea of her with purple hair!!

Have a lovely Tuesday, Julie!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

Unknown said...

You make January look great! Happy birthday month :)