December 17, 2013

Here & There: Colorful DIY Ornaments

I am very excited about today's post as it kicks off a collaboration with one of my favorite ladies, Brittney Ann of Hosting and Toasting. Brittney and I met when we both worked on Sweet Lemon Mag and have become the best of blog friends. B's blog is dedicated to what she does best - entertain - with a dash of fashion and style thrown in along the way. She's an absolute doll and I couldn't be happier to be sharing this series with her.

The idea behind Here & There is to feature things once a month that are happening in both our worlds - small town Virginia (here) and fast-paced DC (there). It could be a DIY, an outfit, a location, a cocktail - anything goes and we're bringing it to you with our own individual spin. First up, we thought it would be fun to share a DIY ornament for the holidays!

My ornaments are so easy - and really fun if you have kids! The large ornament is being recycled thanks to my mom and the other four I picked up at Wal-Mart. Simply pop the cap off the top, pour in a couple of your favorite paint colors, and shake! Let them dry, put the caps back on and thread a ribbon through the hook to hang on the tree. Aren't they fun?! Below are step-by-step photos. . .

(All photos taken by me for this post)


You can check out Brittney's DIY over on her blog today with step-by-step instructions for creating a glittery monogrammed ornament! Both of these would make fantastic (and thoughtful) gifts for anyone on your list! Happy crafting!


Carroll said...

Those are so pretty! What a fun craft idea. :)

Katie said...

Such a fun idea! I love this and seriously can't wait to follow this series! Obsessed with you two! ;)


Melissa Blake said...

Those are so pretty!! I love bright and colorful ornaments!