December 31, 2013

Hello! Goodbye!

Hello, 2014! Goodbye, 2013!

This year certainly held lots of amazing opportunities and I'm thankful for everything that I experienced and the wonderful people I met. I took a leap of faith into a new job,  had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands (Karen Kane, Sole Society, American Eagle, Jeweler's Wife - just to name a few!), and met some blogger babes (IFB & SBS). I had a blast taking on the role of VA/DC representative for the Southern Blog Society with Cathy and hosting the North v. South style series with some extremely stylish ladies. I got the opportunity to contribute to a couple of awesome publications (Twila & Sweet Lemon) and launch a fun monthly series with my blog bff BAC. And thank you all for supporting me every step of the way!

Not only was 2013 a big year professionally, it was a memorable year personally. I've grown as a person, friend, and daughter in the last twelve months. I've come to accept (even more than I did before) that being single is a happy place, and it's where I'm meant to be right now. Regardless of society's hints that I should be attached, my happiness is truly genuine, overflowing, and I love giving it back to those that I love. As I close in even closer to 30 (my 27th birthday is in just a few weeks), I can't help but stop and reflect. People came and went in my life this year - both for a reason. I don't talk a lot about my faith on the blog, but I'm a true believer that everything happens in God's time. 2013 is proof of that for me. It was a year of continued healing from unfortunate incidents that happened in 2012 and I've never been more thankful to God for putting some truly amazing, selfless, loving people in my life. People that accept me for all the layers that I am - the clothes hoarder, the dessert lover, the eclectic decorator, the nerd, the lipstick connoisseur, the animal lover, and the one who will (always) tell it like it is. Thank you.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, sweet readers! I'm ready for you, 2014!


Annie {} said...

Happy New Year! Congrats on an incredible 2013 full of leaps of faith. Here's to a blessed 2014! xo

Mostly Lisa said...

It's great to see how lovely 2013 was for you, and I am so glad I was able to read along. You are an inspiration and I know 2014 will be just as beautiful for you! Happy New Year! xoxo

Mostly Lisa

Pink Champagne said...

Cheers to a fabulous year ahead - I just know 2014 will be a big year for you! Hugs and kisses!