November 25, 2013

My Style: Blogger Bloopers

(I can't even remember what was so funny. . .)

(Just after I cursed the wind.)

(Over it.)

(When your scarf and earrings are too big for each other. #fashionbloggerproblems)

(When scratching your face could be mistaken for picking your nose.)

I am so excited to finally get to share this incredibly fun collaboration with you all! A couple weeks ago my friend Tracy (you know her from North v. South) emailed me about being part of a project that she and two other bloggers (Katherine and Jackie) had dreamed up. I immediately knew that I had to jump on board. As a fashion blogger, you simply can't take yourself too seriously - otherwise you would go insane and (in my opinion) have absolutely no fun. If you know me in real life (not just on this blog) then you know I'm pretty goofy and nerdy and say things that deserve their own hashtag. So, when the opportunity came along to share these moments, well, I couldn't resist. 

Allow me to introduce you to Blogger Bloopers - a community page for fashion bloggers to submit and share their not-so-flattering moments. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have already. It's hilarious, honestly, and makes me love this crazy blogging thing even more. Follow along on our awkwardly awesome adventure on the blog, on twitter, and on instagram!


MacKenzie said...

Ahh, I love this idea!! Will definitely be following along and contribute - I have way too many bloopers to count!

Xo, MacKenzie

Rebecca and Lori said...

You look great even in your bloopers!
That page is so much fun; thanks for sharing!