July 25, 2013

A Royal Family

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I'm such a sap anyway, but cue this sweet moment from a couple days ago and I'm done. It's one of my favorite royal moments to date. Don't get me wrong, I loved the wedding, but there was something so genuine and tender about seeing Will and Kate interact as parents in the photos and video when they presented Baby George to the world. And her choice of polka dot dress similar to Princess Di's was enough to make anyone get a little mushy.


Cindy Swanson said...

I loved it...also loved that she didn't try to hide her post-baby tummy. That IS what women look like right after they give birth, and it just makes her even more down-to-earth and lovable.

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Unknown said...

It was absolutely beautiful wasn't it, very emotional.....they all looked so happy & she looked radiant! And that little baby raising his tiny little hand....I cried!!! I love this couple :)

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

I didn't realize they both wore polka dots ... that comparison with those two photos is awesome! :)

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

I am OBSESSED with Kate and the Royals. I need photos of the baby with Harry like now.

Mostly Lisa said...

I absolutely loved seeing that side by side photo, so absolutely adorable! :D

Mostly Lisa

Anonymous said...

I mean, I don't know if the polka dots was on purpose, but if so, it was such a sweet gesture. And I mean, I don't look that pretty now and she just had a baby!! SHe is just so beautiful! xo