June 20, 2013

Girl Crush: 90s Fashion Icons

90s Fashion Icons

I don't really participate much in the #ThrowbackThursday tweets, photos, and status updates. But today, I was inspired to do a little girl crush post on some of my fashion icons growing up. Honestly, every one of these ladies (girls) inspired the way I dressed, wore my hair, painted my nails, and talked (thanks, Ginger Spice). Bringing back any memories?

And, of course, two of my absolute favorites. . .

Carrie Bradshaw


Kelly Kapowski


Who were some of your fashion icons? I feel certain we share some of the same!


Anonymous said...

This.is.amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Punky Brewster!! Cher and Rachel were definitely inspiring and of course I love Carrie!!! xoxo

Unknown said...

oh my gosh I love this post! this is too funny & cute! I was beyond obsessed with cher from clueless! hahah


Unknown said...

I love this idea! I'm totally obsessed with the 90's so Kelly Kapowski is a favorite!

Xo, Delightful Sunflower

Stylishlyme said...

That outfit is so cute - so 90's.

My favorites have to be SJP, Cher from Clueless and Jennifer Aniston!


Unknown said...

Aww! I really love how you designed two (updated) outfits from the 90s! Those blue shoes in your Carrie look are super adorable, but then again I LOVE blue! Also, I really love every single aspect of Kelly's look. It is so fitting, yet updated to fit in with today's trends!
Love it!

Written in Fashion

Unknown said...

I remember loving Kelly Kapowski's and Clarissa's style as well! I'd also add Buffy (as in the vampire slayer) to the list...