April 10, 2013

Spring Spruce Up: My Gallery Wall

My spring fever and redecorating bug is on overdrive and I'm thrilled to share the updates I'm making around my townhouse over the next few weeks. Does giving your place a fresh look make you as excited as it makes me?! You would think I was stocking up on shoes and bags! I've purchased several new items as I'm pulling some new accent colors into my space. But, thankfully, I've also been able to rework and revamp some pieces I already had. First up in my Spring Spruce Up series is my (mini) gallery wall.

Completing my gallery wall has been on my never-ending to-do list for quite some time. Some of the prints that I included I actually picked up at The National Gallery last spring. After deciding on frame choices, organization, and sorting through my prints (I can't resist Matisse!), my wall was complete. I absolutely love it. Read on for more photos and details!

1. Matisse, Open Window, Collioure; The National Gallery // 2. J. Crew March style guide page
3. Vintage find from here // 4. Mary Cassatt, Little Girl in a Blue Armchair; The National Gallery
 5. Matisse, Still Life with Sleeping Woman; The National Gallery
6. Matisse, Lorette with Turban, Yellow Jacket; The National Gallery
7. Wayne Thiebaud, Cakes; The National Gallery // 8. Old Etsy purchase, shop no longer open

Next in my Spring Spruce Up series - my mantle/hearth!



Lili said...

love that yellow frames pop of color! lovely Julie!

In the Pink said...

LOVE this!!!! It looks fabulous!

Unknown said...

It looks amazing. Great job!

Sunday Sisters said...

Love your Blog!

Anonymous said...

That needlepoint "hello" is too cute! Love it.

Happy Wednesday :)

xx, Eleanor

MHM1314 said...

So beautiful! I can't wait to fill my Someday Dream House with beautiful prints, photos, etc.

Alyssa said...

You did such a great job! I have a gallery wall in my bedroom now, but I'm working on updating it when I move in a few weeks. I'm excited to give it a refresh!

Lindsey Hutter Style Client Page said...

Adorable! Love that you used the J.Crew catalogue.


Tiffany Style Blog said...

I love love love that you used the J.Crew shoe pic. So resourceful and I mean, it's gorgeous!! Did you see that a couple of the Ettas went on sale today? ah!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh It looks so cute. I'm dying over the J. Crew shoe print!!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

OH duh...just read that it was from the catalogue. GREAT idea!!! xo

Katie said...

Love it! And I love that your gallery wall feels very southern chic! So perfect! :)


Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

So well done! You are just sooooo Julie-riffic!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Kristen said...

LOVE a good gallery wall. I totes have my jcrew shoes hanging on my wall too! Such a great shot.

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

Pretty!! You did an awesome job.