March 25, 2013

Splurge or Save


Which is your pick? The splurge or the save? Honestly, I love the tortoise shell and chain details on the save! I've seen it in person and can attest to its cuteness. It isn't available online (unfortunately), but (fortunately) it also comes in a few other colors if pink isn't your thing - my friend Shelby styled the emerald version here. And would you believe that since I put this post together over the weekend that the J. Crew version has sold out?! You can check out these similar options here and here.

Which pieces are you willing to splurge on in your closet?

(PS - is this a feature you would like to see more of on the blog? Talk to me!)



Sara Elizabeth said...

I tend to slurge on more "classic" pieces but more trendy ones (like this bag) I'll go with save.

Paige (The Last Doughnut) said...

I'm with Sara Elizabeth on this one. I just bought my first Louis Vuitton two weeks ago. It is the biggest splurge (on fashion) that I have ever made. Still a little shocked every time I see it! For trendy items, it's SAVE for sure!

Anonymous said...

Ditto and I can't help but splurge on shoes and handbags. It's my thing. I love this feature and I would totally go with the save! I mean, why not? It's just as cute...if not cuter :) xo

Unknown said...

I've got the 'save' bag in emerald. LOVE it.

I tend to splurge on, say, a classic shoe like a black or nude pump or riding boots, something I'm going to wear time and time again that isn't going to necessarily not fit me if my size changes.

Would love for you to do more of these posts! The save vs. splurge makeup debate is always one that gets me. I do tend to splurge on makeup, but have found comparable 'save' products.

Heather Bien said...

I actually have both of these! I have the J.Crew purse in pink (I found it on super sale last year for $45!) and I also have the Target bag in blue. The J.Crew purse feels awesome but actually the Target bag has a lot more room which is great.

Tiffany Style Blog said...

I love them both so I agree, might as well go with the Save! (When it comes to splurge or save on just about anything, I'd rather save to buy fabulous shoes. Lol, which explains why my house still needs decorating.)
Love this post!!

Melissa | The Atelier said...

Target's handbags always catch me by surprise! I'd probably go with the save on this one.


I'll take the SAVE! So cute! Erica

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

I tend to splurge on handbags, jewelry, and of course Lilly. Those are my thankful that the hubby spoils me like he does! Looking forward to a Lilly store opening close soon!!! My handbags...LV or KS are my choices, of course I have a couple summer Lilly bags for fun. I would totally take the tarJay steal in this for the trendy steal!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

meghan silva said...

Totally all about making a saving , so save is my choice.

xo Meg<3

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

While the save is cute, I still prefer the splurge. I tend to splurge on handbags and shoes and save on clothes.

Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

Uhm I want both. ;)
Isn’t That Charming.

Unknown said...

I splurge on more classic pieces, definitely, ones I know I will use year after year. I have a pair of boots from J. Crew that are still going strong 5 1/2 years later, and I bought a winter coat from J. Crew last year that I intend to keep forever. For a bag, I'd tend to invest in larger everyday bag that I can carry my computer, etc. in for meetings, travel, and so on.

All that being said, I think J. Crew has hit a sweet spot of making items in trendy colors appear to be classic investment pieces by using high quality materials and fabrication. Very crafty, J. Crew.