March 25, 2013

Girl Crush: Jane Larkworthy of W Magazine

(All images from The Coveteur)

I can always depend on The Coveteur to inspire me - or make me feel like I need to get rid of everything in my closet and start over. Last week they featured the very lovely (and seemingly down-to-earth) Jane Larkworthy, beauty editor at W Magazine. Her vintage collection is certainly enviable, her apartment charmingly decorated, and her pooch perfectly well behaved it would seem - judging from the first image. And come on, who doesn't love a girl with pearl-draped champagne bottles on her bookshelf?! Click over to read the entire interview and drool over more photos!

Here's to a great week ahead, friends!



viv said...

I LOVED her feature, too! Happy Monday, lady! xo

Tiffany Style Blog said...

I think I would like to move into this apartment please! :) lol - great feature! Have a great Monday!!

Grace (The Stripe) said...

loooooved her feature! Happy Monday, lady! xo

Annemarie said...

Such a gorgeous feature, Julie! Thanks for sharing. I must head over there to see more! xo