January 25, 2013

Weekend (Birthday) Wishes

Wear This // Eat That
 (Dress, J.CREW // Clutch, NASTY GAL)

Winter has officially come over the last week in my neck of the woods! We were out last Friday for snow and out again today for ice (did I mention it was only a three-day work week for me?!). That isn't stopping me from dreaming in bright spring colors, though! With my spur-of-the-moment Inauguration adventure my parents haven't been able to officially celebrate my birthday with me. And being an only child, that's just not acceptable :) So we're going out tomorrow for a mini birthday celebration that's sure to include a brightly colored dress and yummy sweets.

Happy weekend, friends!


la petite fashionista said...

this is so me, that clutch is perfect and i'm a total cupcake addict.

enjoy your birthday celebration!


Lisa Odom said...

Love that dress - great combo. I want two of those cupcakes!

Lili said...

i think i'll be wearing pink tomorrow on my birthday too! have fun!

Something Delightful by Rachel Timmerman said...

Have a fabulous birthday celebration, sweet friend!! This is birthday weekend in my family as well (my brother yesterday, my granddad today, and my mama tomorrow!) I love birthdays :)


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

oh yeay!!! how fun! love the clutch! I hope its warmer over there!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Hello cupcake!
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Natalie said...

cute!! love your blog! www.fashionifancy.com

Unknown said...

I like this post! I think I can also include that to my list of birthday wishes. He he, that looks cool!

Unknown said...

I agree, that birthday wish looks so cool! I'd include them to my own birthday wishlist too ;-)

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