January 2, 2013

I Resolve To. . .

1. Complete home projects: I vow to paint my front door a beautiful, vibrant color come spring. Remember when I was discussing pink paints? Yep, that didn't happen. This is the year for lots of sprucing up, and I'm counting on y'all to hold me to it because I'm going to be sharing my projects here!

2. Not be so cynical: Yes, this blog is a very positive, inspirational place but deep down there's a true hardcore cynic writing here. I didn't say I'm giving it up completely (hey, it's part of my charm) but I am scaling back.

3. Do more DIYs: When I was in college I was constantly making something. It was probably the sorority atmosphere that held me accountable. I love being crafty and really want to embrace that side more a la Grace.

4. Host more parties: I'm ashamed to say I didn't host one party at my house in 2012. Sure, I attended plenty but hosted none. That's changing in 2013.

5. Try something new: This should probably say somethings. I'm not limiting the possibilities here. Whether it be a new fashion trend, a new food, traveling somewhere I've never been - I'm welcoming them all!

6. Sweat more: I really want to get an exercise routine set in stone. Walking here, running there - it's just not enough.


I decided to keep my resolutions simple and attainable for 2013. What about you? What do your resolutions look like for the new year?

And thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts yesterday! I truly appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

love these! I have a few of the same. I think simple and do-able goals are the way to go for 2013!

Elle said...

Happy belated New Year! Those are wonderful resolutions! Good luck!

Unknown said...

Oooh, I'm liking your list!!

You never ever sound cynical, I was surprised to see you saying that ;)

Happy 2013!! XX

Laura said...

Love this post! Hope 2013 is all you wish for :) xo

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

My goal for 2013 is to be the best me in all possible ways. It sums up my goals into one statement. The when I half @$$something, I just ask myself..."isvthatbthe best you can do." No one can lay the guilt on me better than...me! This is going to be an incredible year, I ate a ton of sauerkraut yesterday!!!!

I can't wait for that door to be pink, that will make me eatvavserious peanut butter and jealous sammie!!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Sweet, Pink and Preppy said...

This is a great list! My resolution is cliche but I think I'm going to join a gym. I am really bad about working out and I feel like if I'm paying for it, I might actually do it!

Alyssa said...

I think these are great resolutions–in fact, we share some of the same ones! Happy new year!!

The Glossy Life

Charlee said...

I'm going to try to do some more DIY projects in 2013 as well! Can't wait for you to post some for inspiration! Good luck with your resolutions! They seem very practical and attainable :) Happy New year!

Charlee Anne @ thepreppygraduate.com

Unknown said...

Hi Julie,
Sounds like an achievable list for you in 2013! I know you can do it!!!

I'm right there with you on sweating more. And, I'm going to work on considering things before I agree to them. If I dread it at the outset, I'm going to decline. I said a lot of Yeses last year and it kind of depleted me. I'm going to take better care of myself by acting as my own "gatekeeper"!!

Happy New Year, beautiful!
xoxo Elizabeth

Jackie said...

Ours are very similar! I posted mine yesterday too, so excited for a fresh start!

Suburban Princess said...

I've just this morning decided to improve my handwriting and get a new fountain pen. Nothing very deep going on over here!

Unknown said...

Confession: Not being so cynical should definitely be on my resolution list! Love that one!

Sadie + Stella said...

I love these resolutions! I am piggy backing on to yours!

Unknown said...

I vow to attend more parties!