January 2, 2013

Currently Crushing: Ted Baker Bows

I've grown quite smitten with these lovely bow-adorned pieces from Ted Baker London - especially the ones featuring a little hint of glitter. I'm such a sucker for anything that can be used to organize my life and the bags below would be perfect (tucked inside the larger tote, of course!). Also, an iPad is on my birthday wish list this month (yes, waaaay behind the times) and I'm already shopping around for the perfect sleeve/case to make it stylish. This one could be the winner. Thoughts? Are y'all loving these girly pieces as much as me?

Ted Baker Bows



Anonymous said...

The iPad case is to die for! Although you could put a bow on just about anything and I'd love it ;)

keely @ luxe + lillies said...

These are so cute! That outfit she is wearing looks pretty cozy too, its freezing up here! The iPad case... you have to, its just too cute not to, plus is makes "iPading" [as I call it] that much more fun, right?

Life's a shoe said...

great post! love the case!