December 26, 2012

Easing Back In

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The build up to Christmas is always so exciting. Shopping for the perfect gifts, picking up fun wrappings and ribbons, sorting through recipes trying to decide what to fix for family dinner - it's all in the prep and the magic of the season. But the day after Christmas always hits me so hard. Back to the grind, back to reality, and honestly, I just need a minute to ease back in.

Over the next few days I'll be boxing up decorations, catching up on emails, putting away gifts in my already-packed closet, lining up details for sponsors, and getting ready to head back to work from the holiday break. But right now, all I need are just a few minutes to regroup, recharge, and ease my way back into the routine.

Tell me about your holidays, friends! Was it perfectly exhausting and now you're experiencing the same unwinding as me?



Sadie + Stella said...

Damn girl. Don't I know it. It is pouring rain and freezing cold here today as well. Calls for a lazy day in pjs. Unfortunately I am in 5 inch heels and dressed to the nines at work. No. Thank. You.

Kristen said...

Totes feel the same! I'm sitting here kind of like, now what?! I need something exciting to happen! Taking the next few days easy. Hoping for some inspiration to hit.

Suburban Princess said...

I'm glad to be back to work today - in fact I got called in to my part time job tomorrow and I'm good with it. I don't really enjoy the holidays so I always like getting back to normal!