December 26, 2012

Currently Crushing: Bubble Studs

(Images Groop Dealz)

I've mentioned Groop Dealz many times on twitter but have never shared this site on the blog. Groop Dealz hosts daily sales on various products at insane extremely slashed prices. They feature jewelry, personalized items, kids clothes/accessories, and various Etsy-like pieces.

The bubble studs above are one of their current end-of-year sales. At $2.49 and free shipping, I'm pretty sure even after our Christmas spending, we could afford them in every color, right?! They're also featuring this, this, and this right now that may also be necessary purchases ;) You can view some of my Groop Dealz scores on instagram - here (sunnies), here (coral necklace), and here (both bracelets)!

Happy shopping!



Lala said...

these are adorable! I love the colors too

xo lala

Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Uuuuummmm, to quote one of my fav characters...."Holy crap on a cracker!" I just scooped up 3 pair of those earrings in of course all Lilly shades and 2 of those darling anchor bracelets! All this snow has me NUTS and longing for my tan, my Lilly, and Summah! You just rocked my wintery world chicka! Me loves you MUCHO!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Elizabeth said...

These are too cute! I'm all about studs, so I definitely need to check these out. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday, Julie!

Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

Pink Champagne said...

Love, love, love, and the prices are to die! I recently discovered Groop Dealz and may have a few things en route to my home as I type...teehee. XX

Jessica said...

Talk about an incredible deal! Holy moly!

Kasey Lynne said...

I just recently found Groopdealz and it's one of my favorite websites for shopping! It has the best deals and such cute stuff.

LOVE those bubble studs, but they're no longer there :(